Subscription Renewals.

One of the key metrics for subscription business is the renewal rate, and basically keeping it as high as possible. If you’re in software, fitness or any other subscription business it’s key to keep as many people subscribed as possible. Before our solution the only way to decrease churn was to actively talk to your customers, which for low priced subscriptions is way too expensive.

We built an automated solution to actively reduce your subscription dropoff so your sales teams can focus on new business opportunities and upselling your current customers.

The Merchandise Essentials solution.

A lot of companies use merchandise to get new customers, to get them signing up for a new subscription. That’s a great strategy, but even more important it can be used to keep your subscribers. By sending a merchandise package on the right moment before renewal you can actively reduce churn.

By automatically sending a merchandise package to the subscribers you want to keep on the moment where most people think of cancelling, you can motivate them to stay. And even become better ambassadors.

How do we boost your subscription renewals?

Our Merchandise project managers help you define the crucial moment in your subscription cycle. When do people renew their subscription or when do people cancel their subscription? Are there certain patterns we can spot or a certain time window in where the decision is made?

By determining the right moment we help you develop a merchandise package based on your budget (how much budget can you spend on a renewal?). After that we link our Merchbot® software to your subscription software or crm system to automatically send out ‘renewal packages’. We keep measuring the renewal rates to improve this automatic service so your renewal rates keep growing.

These companies already took the step

Lansweeper Case Study

Lansweeper came up with an original idea to motivate their employees to come back to the office after all the working from home.

Read below how they dealt with the unknown of working at the office during corona.

Bavet Case Study

Bavet has a lot of regular customers & to strengthen their brand, Bavet needed one more little push. That one extra thing that would clearly set them apart from the competition. They needed their clients to be real life ambassadors.

The most efficient way to make that happen, was beautiful, qualitative merchandise.

Nieuwpoort Case Study

During the last two years, Nieuwpoort Tourism has undergone a metamorphosis.
A new look & feel was introduced.

Nieuwpoort uses the traditional channels for promotion, but the city is always looking for new ways to stand out. We translated Nieuwpoort’s dynamic and fresh new look into unforgettable merchandise.

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