Decupere & Partners

Ducupere & partners, found in 1985, is a strong growing accountancy firm with more than 80 employees in over 6 offices. They support their customers with fiscal advice, accounting and strategy.

Decupere & partners were looking for a cool and lasting new years present for their 80+ employees.

Together with Merchandise Essentials they created a box with custom sportswear, a powerbank and personalised bamboo sunglasses. Three usable items which the employees can use on a daily basis. Merchandise Essentials took care of the design, chose the products and did the production and logistics for the boxes.

The result

“We should’ve done this earlier”

  • 100 custom boxes
  • 80+ happy employees
  • Strong on- and offline visibility

The box was a great success at Decupere & partners. Some of the colleagues already participated in a running contest with their own custom sportswear. De daily on- and offline visibility is a gigantic added value for the company. The associates of Decupere & partners let us know that they didn’t realise what impact merchandise had and that they should’ve done this earlier. Employees are the best ambassadors after all!

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