Engie is a global reference in low-carbon energy and services. In response to the urgency of climate change they rely on their businesses (renewable energy, gas, services) to offer competitive turnkey solutions as a service. With offices in 70 countries and over 160.000 employees it’s their ambition to become the world leader in the zero carbon transition of their customers.

The hunt for talent

A lot of big companies struggle to find young talent. That’s why Engie wanted to be memorable for young graduates. In order to stand out they wanted to give a cool and lasting gift to job-seeking people at fairs. That’s when they came up with the idea to give qualitative socks to the people who visited their booth.

The perfect match

Engie had 4 sock designs in mind, but they couldn’t find a company that could make the socks with high quality finishing. Until they came to Merchandise Essentials! As Engie strives to counter global warming, the partnership turned out to be a perfect match. Because at Merchandise Essentials we produce clothing and accessories in an ethical and ecological way.

The result?

The socks were intended to use to attract new employees, but everyone at the company wanted them


The overall campaign was a huge success. As the branded socks were received so well, they started to use them for a lot of their campaigns. The impact of merchandise was bigger than they expected and is used for many of their marketing campaigns.

Continuous partnership

It didn’t take long before Engie had to place a re-order for the socks, because everyone at the company wanted a pair. Next to the socks, Engie decided to make other branded products like branded sunglasses for the summer and is planning to keep making qualitative branded products at Merchandise Essentials.

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