Kv Kortrijk

KV Kortrijk is a football club that’s been playing in the highest Belgian league since 2008. They’ve been ranking in the top ten ever since.

A club with a rich history backed by a loyal fanbase. 4000 seat holders and a lot of other fans are the ones that make sure that every night in the Guldensporen Stadium is one to remember.

Stronger Together

KV Kortrijk its main focus is obviously with their team but they also put a lot of effort in their ‘kerels’, their fans. The fans back the team on every occasion but they are also an important economic factor for the club. They buy tickets but also different sorts of merchandise such as scarves and shirts.

From passionate fan to proud ambassador

Like many other football clubs KV Kortrijk underestimated the impact of fan wear for a long time. Fans were obviously able to buy different gadgets and shirts over the years but the merch never really united the fans. Then again, nobody likes wearing poor quality t-shirts either. Definitely not when it’s sporting the logo of your favorite club. So other than on match days you couldn’t really see a lot of KV Kortrijk apparel being worn.

And that’s a big loss.

By not providing quality merch to your fans you basically strip them from their power to be an ambassador. Which in turn reduces the chance to get noticed by new possible fans and sponsors alike. Proud fans wearing your merchandise are walking billboards that will happily represent your brand or product.

Quality on and next to the pitch

KV Kortrijk soon realised they could easily attract new sponsors and fans by working with their loyal fans.

The football club found a way to empower their fans in quality merchandise.

Pretty soon they after they got in touch with us at Merchandise Essentials. Both parties created a creative team who made the first designs. Merchandise Essentials also took care of production and logistics. Meanwhile some pieces have already been sold out and a lot of fans were able to get their hands on the newest KV Kortrijk merchandise.


Even the mayor of Kortrijk owns a new sweater!


Merchandise Essentials was responsible for: 

  • Design & production of the first collection 
  • Strategic guidance 
  • Qualitative extras such as leather labels and neck labels 

You can see the launch of the merch here

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