Matt Security

How to boost traditional advertising with sportswear? This is the perfect example. MATT Security, experts in security, boost their sponsorships on the courtyard with a unique sports outfit for their team.


The Matt Security team could have chosen a T-shirt with their logo. To be honest, nobody would really notice such a basic T-shirt, right? Our creative designer transformed their logo and corporate identity into a fantastic sportswear. Good looking, memorable and one of the best ways to advertise!

Our team members were crazy about their sportswear, they wear it on the tennis courtyard, in the gym, they run with it during sport events,… That way, our company stands in the spotlight, thousands of people notice our sportswear. Also, I make our employees really happy. It’s a creative way to advertise 

Matt Security - From branded logo to Sports Shirts

The company is not only crushing it with sportswear. They also gave their employees a complete outfit. We designed and produced their qualitative sweaters and T-shirts, now the Matt Security team can work in style. They even have fashionable windbreakers!

One thing is sure: Matt Security knows how you can reflect the image of your own company.

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