Flanders is home to many successful companies. What these companies often have in common is having loyal and motivated employees. Sadef, an international leader in cold-rolled steel has such a driven team of more than 600 employees.

Their annual tradition is to reward all their employees for their proven performances. The marketing team of Sadef wanted to give a lasting gift that both colleagues and the company could enjoy from.

At Merchandise Essentials we know that high-quality merchandise lasts longer than most traditional gifts and what added value merchandise offers. Together with Sadef we developed stylish body warmers with a subtle design.

The CEO of Sadef let us know that the day after the event he went to the bakery, and ran into 2 employees. We’ll let you guess what those employees were wearing on that sunny winter morning.

Why you should use merchandise like Sadef:

  • An employee in your merchandise goes places where traditional ads can’t go.
  • Your employees will wear your merchandise proudly and will talk about it. From feedback of our clients we learned that it results in spontaneous and motivated applications. Everyone wants to be part of a winning team.
  • High-quality merchandise can be worn for years and therefore has a much larger ROI than traditional gifts.
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