Where are our production departments located?

The answer to this question is more complex than just the location of our production departments. We would like to give a transparent explanation that explains our choice of the production departments and logistics.

Merchandise Essentials Group has production departments in several European countries. Our production departments are each specialized in the applied production techniques and services. We choose the locations of our production departments based on the essential experience required to produce a premium product.

Our headquarter and beating heart is located in Roeselare, Belgium. In our headquarter, there is a logistic department for our clients that are localized in neighbouring countries. Our main production departments are located in Lisbon, Budapest, Bratislava, Riga and Kaunas. Each department is managed from our headquarter and pays attention to the strictest requirements of quality and working conditions.

We have an extensive international customer base, that’s why we decided to set up a second logistic department in Warsaw, Poland. This way, we have a more efficient logistic system. Our quality control department is also located in Warsaw.

The map below gives you a visual demonstration of our locations; the headquarter, production departments and logistics. The number of locations will increase constantly. We are continually looking for new opportunities to increase and improve our production capacity. Our company continues to grow and is working on expansion. So , it’s necessary to set up new production departments, logistic centres, etc.

This map shows the situation right now.



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