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Quality Assurance

Thorough quality control is absolutely required to guarantee our clients endurable premium products. The textile, accessories and decoration techniques, every aspect of a simple T-shirt must be of a top-level quality. We would like to explain you the process of quality control, before, during and after production.

Before production

Several series of check-ups occur already before the start of production. Design specifications, stock management, everything which is needed to produce your clothing is double-checked early in the process to ensure that no faults can be sent to the production process.

At first, the design is reviewed. Our specialized in-house designers create the designs for your clothing, headwear and accessories. If embroidery is important in your design, it is important to know from the beginning how the structure of the design can be. As with every machine, there is always a limited amount of detail it can handle, this is also the case with an embroidery machine. Our apparel designers perfectly know the restrictions of every technique. Even when you want to use your own design, we kindly explain what can be improved and apply the best techniques on your design to create your best clothing ever!

Once we checked the design, a technical sheet is created for every product. Our production team ensures that all information is 100 percent accurate, that is essential! The sheet is a technical list of every measurement, color pallet and positions of the design on the product. We also add the decoration techniques, labels or patches to this technical document to combine all what is needed to create your custom apparel.

During production

During the production process, we physically examine the product based on advanced sampling. By example, an amount of 13 samples are checked on an order of 50 pieces. Sampling is the most representative and efficient check-up in the whole textile industry.

Next to sampling, a wash and endurability test is applied. We create a few additional pieces according to the type of product on every order and apply these tests. The quality of the print is the key feature what is checked on the wash test. This ensures the quality after washing remains the same. In the rare cases that a print should fade after it has been washed, the main culprit is the process of drying. This can be fixed quickly by passing the print through the drying oven once more.

Quality Assurance - Design
Quality Assurance - Technical Sheet

Quality assurance and trust

To us, quality is not a goal, it is an absolute necessity! We make sure everything in the process of quality assurance is applied and we improve these check-ups every time again and again. Humans control the actions before and during production process. Physical actions… with machines… where a lot of settings need to be applied to… That is why it still is possible a defect or a delay in delivery occurs.

We are always prepared to listen to your feedback, take immediate actions to check the cause and to find the solution. We thrive for transparent communication and find it most important to respond to your question within 24 hours.

Do you still have questions about our quality assurance? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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