At Merchandise Essentials we help you build a powerful community through merchandise. Our merchandise experts help you get the very best results out of your merchandise campaigns.

The power of ambassadorship.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses build more engaged fans and ambassadors. This community is the backbone of your company and is the must-have foundation for stable growth. Everybody knows that an army of brand ambassadors generates more word-mouth and a much bigger marketing impact.

Our experienced team of merchandise project managers helps you start and expand your community with proven strategies. We work goal oriented and focus on tangible results.

360 degree approach to your merchandise.

A successful merchandise campaign takes more than just producing good products. Our clients come to us to really build a complete merchandise experience. From the goals to the moment of delivery. We handle your merchandise campaigns from start to finish, reporting and evaluation included.

Curious when it’s the best time to improve renewal rates on your subscription business? That’s just one of the many solutions we offer. Curious about how we could boost your project? Book a completely free introduction call with one of our professionals.

Making merchandise easier.

Creating merchandise used to be a long and difficult process, as you have to make a lot of decisions and most people don’t have a lot of experience in this field. That’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you. We suggest the right products for your project.

We prepare really great designs based on your budget and quantities. We help you with determining the size break. And finally we can assist you with distribution and logistics through our Merchbot® platform. We help you get the very best results and products without any of the hassle.

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