We help you get your merchandise to the right ambassadors on the right moment to maximise your ROI. Effortless logistics so you and your team can focus on what really matters.

The biggest problem of merchandise.

We’ve literally produced and delivered millions of pieces of merchandise all over the world. Everybody loves merchandise, but they hate shipping it. A couple of years ago we asked our clients what held them back to do more merchandise campaigns. And we were surprised by the answer, it didn’t have anything to do with the merchandise itself.

Their number 1 problem was distributing the right merchandise to the right people at the right time. That moment we understood that if we could make “sending someone a merchandise package” as easy as sending an email, merchandise would become a big part of modern marketing.

Our simple solution.

Basically if your clients hate something, you offer to do it for them. That’s when Merchbot® was born. We built a simple but elegant solution for the biggest problem in merchandise.

We developed a software tool inhouse that connects your favorite tools like Hubspot, Salesforce and many more with the logistical execution of sending a merchandise package. This means that you can send a merchandise package anywhere in the world with the click of a button within the comfort of your own trusted software tools.

Making logistics more ecologically friendly.

By producing in Europe we reduced our carbon footprint drastically. And this is only one of the logistical improvements we did over the last years. Another big one is our partnership with Trees For All, an organisation that plants trees the compensate the CO2 emissions of our shipments.

Next to that we are continuously optimizing our logistical process to reduce the number of trucks on the road. We strongly believe that all small improvements matter in the long term, you can read about our sustainability program here.

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