Merch Boxes®.

Merch Boxes provide you with the very best experience in merchandise. We combine awesome products with great packaging to deliver the ultimate merchandise experience.

The power of a Merch Box®

You give someone a cool t-shirt and cap or you can bundle it in a personalized box. Which one of these do you think has the biggest impact? We’ve learned that creating a personalized box around your merchandise massively increases the impact and value of your merchandise.

By adding a cool story in the packaging you transform your merchandise from a product to an experience. The feeling of unboxing a Merch Box® on your first day of work or after you referred a company is incomparable. We help businesses build Merch Boxes that generate real ambassadors.

Getting started with boxes.

Our team of merchandise project managers is specialized in creating boxes that help you reach your goal. During the intake meeting we discuss what goals you are trying to achieve combined with the budget you want to invest in Merch Boxes®. We suggest different contents and help you choose and design the different products.

After you approve the concept we start producing al separate items and packaging. After the production cycle we can assemble the boxes for you or we can ship you all items separately so you can decide yourself when to assemble a box.

Distributing your Merch Boxes®

During the intake process we help you determine the best moment to give people your Merch Box. We even suggest several strategies we can implement and integrate with the marketing tools you already have.

For example we can link Merchbot® (our shipping tool) to your HR software to automatically send employees a Merch Box® on their birthday. We completely take over all storage and shipping work from your team. So no more offices full of boxes and the hassle of making & shipping boxes.

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