Textile Production.

At Merchandise Essentials we transform great ideas into even greater products that suit your specific needs. We produce your branded clothing with the highest standards in quality & sustainability in Europe.

What makes us different?

Producing merchandise used to be printing a logo on some t-shirts or gadgets, but we have completely changed the game. We combined the best of retail fashion production with the transparency and automation of a highly organized manufacturing company.

This means that we can produce highly customized premium clothing easier, faster and more agile than any other production company in the world. You can even follow your order in our customer portal staying up to date with every step of the production process.

We produce ethically and ecologically in Europe.

We are continuously investing in being more sustainable on all fronts. From developing recycled fibers to improving logistics to lower transport. As our mission states that we want to ‘Change the world of Merchandise’, we want to drastically improve production standards.

Our production office in Poland is in the heart of the textile industry and helps us to build long lasting relationships and value with our family-owned suppliers.

Check out our sustainability page with all our projects.

More possibilities and better quality.

By controlling the complete production process of apparel, we can create more special items with better quality. We handpick our fabrics perfectly matching your project. We can even pantone dye your clothing to your exact matching company colors.

This way we can create real on-brand merchandise that makes your company stand out in a positive way. We decorate (print/embroider/…) your clothing with the highest quality techniques so they never wash off. And by managing our own sewing department we can guarantee clothing from the very best quality.

Services that take your merchandise to the next level.

As we keep improving our business we’ve added a couple of high value services to our production options. For example we offer creating and sewing in labels for complete customization of your merchandise.

We also offer packaging design, production and assembly. This means we already package your merchandise in the right packaging ready for distribution. From placing EAN codes on packages to developing complete new made-to-measure products by our R&D department, we create the solutions you are looking for.

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