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SMTH Smooth, a revolutionary brand

Custom caps to party on a festival…
and BAM, a clothing brand has risen!

Smth Smooth is a remarkable clothing brand. Kristof and Dimi, the two founders of Smooth, embroidered snapbacks to wear on a festival. They wanted to create caps with the word ‘Smooth’, just for fun. In no time, they had thousands of questions: “Whoaw, where can you buy these?”, “Which brand is it?”, “Awesome, where can I buy that cap?”. Kristof and Dimi knew it immediately, there is a huge potential for a clothing brand.

Smth Smooth is a belgian fashion label. Kristof and Dimi are growing continuously with their fashion brand. Their secret: courage, willpower and lots of enthusiasm! They visited our office for their collection day, and we were chatting about their unique story. We talked about how it all started, and how these two young guys did it. Okay, I admit it, we asked some bold questions. But it was worth it. Here are some insights about a starting clothing brand.


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Start an own clothing label. Just do it!

Quote of the day: “If you really want it, you just have to do it!” – Kristof, founder of Smooth.

Kristof and Dimi were shocked, the caps were a huge success. They were sold out in no time. They decided to launch a new product: custom wallets. This was also for fun, but they noticed that the Smooth wallet became popular. Lots of friends bought them. And now, they cooperate with Tomorrowland to personalize TML wallets. How awesome.

A clothing collection in one day
Kristof and Dimi create their collection during a collection day at Merchandise Essentials. Their clothes are created from A to Z together with their personal account manager and brand developer. From design to production technique, everything is discussed step by step. The result: a collection in 1 day.


In one year: a tripled budget
Kristof and Dimi spent 6/8 thousand euros for their first collection. They immediately had a few basic items. Of course, you can also launch your first collection with less items and a smaller budget. One year later, the budget of Smooth was tripled. For their second collection, they had more designs and added other textile products. T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jackets,… Kristof remembers their ride home lively. They had a quiet ride home, when suddenly Dimi said “Oh my god, we are going bankrupt if we don’t sell”. But no worries, the clothes were a hit!

How to make your clothes popular
Smooth has grown by managing their social media. They work together with influencers, which causes a lot of direct sales. Kristof and Dimi take into account that the influencers have to be powerful, and that they must be active in different regions.


Smooth, “a brand with guts”

This was their story. Smth Smooth, a brand that has become powerful with courage and willpower.

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