Storelaunchers Academy

We’ve been working with a lot of starting clothing brands and global powerhouses like Facebook and Youtube over the past few years. We noticed that each of them face obstacles and had fears while starting their clothing line.

Our Academy its only purpose is to take away your fears and teach you how to conquer those obstacles. With the personal guidance from our experts, you’ll be running your own successful clothing line in no time.


  • Masterclasses and workshops
  • 6-month mentorship program



All of our coaches are actual fashion entrepreneurs themselves.


Learn how to make the most out of your investment.

Scalable Coaching

We work with both new and international brands.


Grow your brand by avoiding the absolute beginners mistakes.

Commercial Expertise

Get to the know the in’s and out’s about selling online and in stores.


Our coaches will save you months to years in research.

Let our happy customers speak for us

  • I wanted to start my own business since forever. But where do you start? Immediately I nocticed that I had so many questions on which I didn’t know how to resolve them. Quite by accident I met Storelaunchers. I didn’t had to think long if I wanted to follow the masterclass. After the general presentation, all the questions I had were discussed and I finally had a clear and concrete answer that would get me started in the business. The Masterclass is highly recommended for every starter!

    Aline Timmermans Founder, Lex Gymwear
  • We followed both the Masterclasses: Selling in Stores as well as the Workshop: Social Media Marketing. Both sessions were very interesting and enriching! We immediately felt way more secure and prepared to go into wholesale after taking the workshop: Selling in Stores. We were hesitant at first to just walk into stores but that's over now. We now have all the knowledge and tools to actually close deals with stores. We took the Masterclass: Social Media Marketing out of curiousity and expected to get a recap of things we already know. But boy, were we amazed! We were able to brainstorm with Henri-Philippe all the while learning a lot of new things regarding social media for fashion brands. The best thing about it all is that it wasn't just listening and writing down stuff. Both sessions were super interactive and we were able to learn a lot of new things while talking and working on the future of our brand. We definitely recommend working with the Storelaunchers Academy if you're serious about building your clothing brand.

    Jonathan Van Sanden Founder, Nollies Clothing

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