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About Us

We are apparel architects.

Merchandise Essentials helps you design, develop and produce clothing and accessories. Just like an architect, we make developing custom made apparel easy, lucrative and more creative for our clients.

We are the only merchandise company that actually cares about your goals.

our story

January 28th, 2013. A memorable date. Two friends were having a beer in an old fashioned pub. That evening, Steven and Niels came up with the idea to make custom merchandise for DJ’s and artists. Exactly 3 years later, on the same day, the team of Merchandise Essentials won the award Starter of the Year 2016.

From custom caps to a complete merchandise strategy. Merchandise Essentials is the #1 company to develop custom clothing and accessories in an efficient way.

our core values

We don’t just list our core values on paper. Our team believes them, these values are in our blood. Everything what we do is based on these 5 values. You definitely must see those core values in context.

premium quality
continuous improvement
long term
more than merch
great people & atmosphere

Partnership Storelaunchers

We care about our clients, we want you to grow with a merchandise strategy. That’s why we have a partnership with Storelaunchers, experts who can commercialize your apparel. Visit Storelaunchers to find out more about their expertise.


our experts

Our team of experts is dedicated to make your merchandise dreams come true. Meet our leaders of the company.


  • Steven FOUNDER
    Steven founded the company in 2013. With his experience in music and events, he knows exactly how merchandise can boost your career as an artist.
  • Niels FOUNDER
    Niels founded the company in 2013. He is an expert in communication and controls the strategy of digital media and marketing.
  • Ulrike Account manager
    Ulrike is experienced in fashion and has a broad product knowledge. She can make your merchandise dreams come true.
  • Sarah Account manager
    Sarah creates your custom merchandise with an eye for fashion and details. She’s very excited to launch your own collection.
  • Simon Account Manager
    Simon is our account manager and has experience in the event and music scene. He knows how to create awesome merchandise for nightlife and events.
  • Sebastiaan Account Manager
    Sebastiaan knows how you can stand out with custom sportswear. As an obsessive workaholic and sport freak, he’s totally ready to guide you.
  • Jeroen
    Jeroen Sales Manager
  • Henri-Philippe
    Henri-Philippe Creative Concept Strategist
  • Basiel
    Basiel Account Manager
  • Michèle Communication Manager
    Michèle is our creative multilingual expert. She manages the internal and external communication of the company.
  • Bartel Front-End Developer
    Bartel is a digital engineer, extremely addicted to code language. This powerman improves the world with his webdevelopment skills.
  • Nils Graphic Designer
    Nils is our creative hero who designs stunning graphics for your custom clothing. If you want a mindblowing design, he’s the man you need.
  • Lukas
    Lukas Desktop Publisher
  • Louis Operations Manager
    Louis is happy to answer all your questions concerning the production and delivery of your order. With love and care, he ships your order.
  • Vanessa Purchase Assistant
    Vanessa is the key figure in the purchase process. Our control freak makes sure that every process between sales and purchase goes smoothly.


Feel free to contact us, we want to get to know you. If you’re interested to develop your own clothing or accessories, you can contact one of our specialised account managers. We want to listen to your story in order to reach your goals with a custom merchandise strategy.

Fill out the contact form, and we will come back to you within 24 hours. You can also email to

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