BartelFront-End Developer

Personal interview

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

In one of my first weeks @ Merchandise Essentials I lost my table tennis racket while trying to spike (hitting the ball forcefully). It flew several meters further, almost hitting my brand new colleagues.

What was the first thing on your mind when you entered the Merchandise Essentials HQ?

Definitely the showroom! The amount and diversity of different custom merchandise with recognisable, big names on it impressed me a lot!

What are your greatest career goals, here at Merchandise Essentials?

To help this fast growing company with great ambitions to reach far past their goals.

Tell us Bartel, what is it you like the most about your job as front-end developer?

The fact that there is always one next step to reach perfection. That challenges me every time.

Are there any unwritten rules you have to follow as member of the Merchandise Essentials family?

If you feel like having an off day, go to work! It’s a fact that you’ll get happy in an instant!

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Bartel - Front-End Developer