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Who would be your absolute dream customer?

The National Basketball Association (NBA) would be my absolute dream customer. My favorite sport is basketball and to me, the NBA is just a fascinating organization. The culture surrounding the NBA, that specific style, the trends that arise there… I think that’s amazing. Bringing in this customer would not be an easy job, but I like to challenge myself. Anyhow, my first challenge is to put our sportswear on the map. After that, I might focus on my dream customer.

What’s your favorite core value and why?

My favorite core value is ‘Continuous Improvement’. Fashion never stops, so we have to keep evolving continuously. Having new ideas, spotting new trends, expand our product range… We can’t stay behind in the fashion world, as account manager that’s very important for me.

Are there any unwritten rules you have to follow as member of the Merchandise Essentials family?

When you lose a ping pong game with 11 to 0, you have to crawl underneath the ping-pong table.

What are your greatest career goals, here at Merchandise Essentials?

I have an international mindset. That’s why it’s my goal to grow the company and to put it on the map internationally.

Are your more of a hunter or a gatherer?

Both. Personally, I attach great importance to the team spirit. As a soccer player, we have to reach our goals as a team. As an account manager, I am a member of the ME sales team, so I also have to achieve our team goals. It’s important to get along with everyone in order to reach those goals.
On the other hand, I am very ambitious so I also want to reach my personal goals. But that doesn’t mean I would go to any length. I want to grow as a person, but not by hurting or harming others. People management is important, others help you to grow. So I guess, I am both a hunter and a gatherer.

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