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Who would be your absolute dream customer?

Flume. In my opinion, all music seems similar. The way Flume sees music is innovative, he pays a lot of attention to aesthetics. His album covers prove that, Google it! 😉 This kind of mindset would definitely result in awesome merchandise.

Are there any unwritten rules you have to follow as member of the Merchandise Essentials family?

Well, I have a habit of talking (a bit) too loud when I’m on the phone. It drives my colleagues crazy. So, it’s kind of an unwritten rule for me to talk more quietly when I’m on the phone. And, ehm, maybe I should also work on my ‘typing-too-loud’.

What do you think of the lunch breaks @ Merchandise Essentials?

The lunch breaks @ Merchandise Essentials are fun! It’s not so much about eating, we are extremely addicted to play ping pong matches and Fifa games. It’s nice to clear your head for a moment. After the lunch break, I’m full of energy to start working again.

What is the last thing you watched on TV and why did you choose to watch it?

Actually, I don’t watch that much television, the current programs don’t really fascinate me. The last thing I watched on TV was Salamander, a Belgian tv series. The series tell a real story and it’s very thrilling. I also love to watch Belgian productions, it’s completely different than American blockbusters.

How would you explain your job to an eight year old child?

It’s my job to make clothing for people. Do you like dogs? Maybe you want a cool T-shirt with a dog? I can take care of that. Your friends will be so jealous, they will ask their parents to have the same T-shirt. So we will make more T-shirts that we can sell to your friends and all people that are crazy about that T-shirt. That’s what I do. I make clothes for people.

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