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What’s your favorite core value?

My favorite core value is ‘Great people and atmosphere’ because that’s something I think is very important in a company. I value a nice atmosphere and a good relationship with my colleagues. This makes me happy at work and it has a positive influence on my productivity.

What’s your favorite moment at Merchandise Essentials so far?

Compliments day was a fantastic moment for me. Our managers gave each one of us a personal compliment. I thought it was amazing that they took the time to do that. The compliment was sincere and personal, which made me feel appreciated.

If you could change one thing at Merchandise Essentials, what would it be?

I would install an elevator in the building for Louis, our operations manager. For the delivery and shipping of parcels he has to walk up and down the stairs with packages so many times a day. I think that is really admirable, therefore I would give him an elevator to make his work a little easier.

Pretend you’re the CEO of Merchandise Essentials, what three concerns about the firm would keep you up at night?

If I was the CEO of Merchandise Essentials there would be lots of things to keep me up at night.
First of all I would hope that my employees feel good at work and love their job, colleagues and so on. The deadlines would also keep me up at night. And last but not least, I am not good at speaking for public so giving presentations would cause stress.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about fashion. I love to shop, it’s my favorite hobby and it’s also my job.

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