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April 2021

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Customer Stories.


Floralux, the biggest and nicest garden center in Belgium. This fast growing company continues to expand and innovate and has in meantime two stores: Dadizele and Ham.

In this customer story you will discover how Floralux’ unique corporate clothing results in satisfied employees, more visibility and strong employer branding.

Mobile Vikings

Mobile Vikings, the virtual provider known by its catchy jingles and striking commercials that appeal to both young and old. Mobile Vikings is mainly targeted at users, called Vikings, who want to surf the Internet as much as possible, at any time. With their no-nonsense approach and interesting offers they are very popular with the ‘mobile-data-lovers’!

In this customer story you will discover how we designed personalized merchandise for Mobile Vikings that was used in both positive and less positive customer experiences.

Top on socials.

Own post

International Women’s Day was celebrated in March and we at Merchandise Essentials couldn’t let it go unnoticed. We asked all of our female faces to take a picture of themselves so that we could feature them on our page. Are you curious about the history of International Women’s Day? Then read it in the caption by clicking on the link below!

Tagged post

For our tagged post, we nominated the post of DreamCATchers. DreamCATchers is a non-profit organization that rescues homeless cats and puts them up for adoption. In Ghent, DreamCATchers has a cozy café where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in company of the cats. Has a cat stolen your heart? Then go ahead and adopt the kitten! For DreamCATchers, we created these wonderful customized socks. Would you like to see how the cats reacted? Then check out the pictures of the post via the link!

Inspiring post

The inspirational merch-related post we want to share with you this month is about a statement that went down the wrong path with many people. Infectiologist Erika Vlieghe recently called for “less whining”. She does not deny that the corona measures are very hard for everyone, but complaining about them doesn’t help, according to her. Anyway, merch can really make people laugh, can’t it? Discover the post by clicking on the link below!

Behind the scenes.

Curious about what happens behind the scenes at Merchandise Essentials? This is your chance to learn more about our ethical production process! Nils, our Art Director, paid a visit to our new manufacturers in Poland and he can’t wait to share this impressive and instructive experience with you.

Employee in the spotlight.

Every month we highlight one of our colleagues because we appreciate all of them equally. This month we get to know Stella better by asking her 5 fun questions. Want to find out more about Stella? Find out by clicking below!

Product deep dive.

Cycling became one of the most popular trends in Belgium last year. Merchandise Essentials designs and produces unique cycling outfits that fully reflect the branding of your company. Here you discover how cycling wear transforms your motivated employees into real brand ambassadors and how it gives the image and visibility of your company a big boost

Guess the brand.

Ready for some play time? Every month we play our favorite game: guess the brand. This time we made a design for one of the largest software companies worldwide. This business has a broad target audience. They target men and women from 16 years old and older. That means it was a big challenge for us to create a design that’s hip enough for millennials while still classy enough for baby boomers.

Can you guess the brand? Click on the link below to discover the correct answer!

Collab of the month.

This month we collaborated with Silverfin, a connected accounting platform. Together we created a unique clothing line that includes hoodies, mouth masks, T-shirts, and cards. Discover the complex technique we used to realize Silverfin’s challenging design.

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