Collab of the month: Silverfin.

Kick off the year on the right foot.

Silverfin wanted to reward its workers to kick off the year on the right foot. While remote work is becoming the new standard, keeping the team spirit high was a real challenge. That’s why Silverfin decided to surprise their employees with a merch box full of branded clothing.

Our close collaboration with Silverfin worked out very smoothly. Silverfin engaged their in-house designer, Gijs Dries, to prepare an in-depth briefing for us. Next to that, the CEO personally decided on the colors of the strings, the fabric thickness and many other important design aspects. Thanks to Silverfin’s clear and structured briefing, we could get started in no time.

The design process.

The clear design briefing, made by Silverfins internal designer, contained a variety of designs that exude Silverfin’s branding. Because of that clear communication, we could work very efficiently.

The shapes on the clothing represent the 4 sights of connected accounting at Silverfin. Each sight is assigned its own shape and color and stands for the particular stage of development of connected accounting. The composition of the shapes resulted in an esthetically pleasing and wearable design, right?

The production process.

Since Silverfin’s logo is made up of five separate shades of blue, this set requires the use of advanced techniques. Something that certainly doesn’t deter us at Merchandise Essentials!

We went for a screen print which is one of the most used decoration techniques. It guarantees strong colors and an excellent grade of finishing.

It’s a technique by which we create a screen for every shade of blue in Silverfin’s design. The screen, also called a mesh, is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas that are made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil.
Because of the five shades of blue, it requires a lot of expertise to achieve the best possible result. Silverfin chose dark pieces of clothing, that’s why we also added a light coating layer before printing, so a perfect result is guaranteed.

Challenges with screen printing.

  • Screen printing on dark colors
    Screen printing on dark colors requires a light undercoat that allows bright colors to stand out better.
  • Communication about the right colors
    You can define colors with different codes. For example, you have CMYK colors, RGB colors, textile colors, Pantone colors and so on. Each color can look different when printed on a particular material. So without color codes, it’s a big challenge to match the right colors to customers’ branding.
  • Multiple color screen printing
    Screen printing requires the creation of a specific screen for each color. So when a design contains different colors, we have to create a separate screen for each color. These screens must always be correctly aligned and colors should certainly not blend into each other. This complexity can sometimes lead to undesired results, which of course we want to avoid.

The best option for this design seemed a Pantone screen print. Why? Silverfin provided the design in their unique Pantone colors from their brand guidelines.

Benefits of Pantone screenprinting.

  • The brand colors are perfectly matched.
  • The unique and personalized merchandise breathes your brand and is recognizable.
  • If Pantone colors are provided, every involved party knows exactly what the end product should look like.

The possibilities for designing a clothing collection are endless.
You can choose a small embroidery on the chest or a full screen print on the back. You can also add labels, packaging, personalized care labels and many other extras.

Gijs from Silverfin deliberately chose to work without labels. He certainly sees the added value of labels, but he prefers a print in the neck and an embroidery on the sleeve. He calls it “a nice alternative to still add those little, often underestimated, touches!”

Would you also like to turn your ideas into a unique collection that fully exudes your company’s branding?
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