Employee in the spotlight: Stella

At Merchandise Essentials, we are a close-knit community that values teamwork.
We decided to highlight one of our colleagues every month because we appreciate all of them one by one. This month, we introduce you to Stella. Stella is a merchandise specialist in our Dutch office. Get to know her a little better in the text below

About Stella

Stella, 24 years old, originally from Groningen but lives in Amsterdam. With her bubbly personality, she is a pleasure to work with. Stella has a creative mindset and loves being in touch with customers. She is a spontaneous person who likes a good chat. In order to get to know her a little better on a personal level, we asked her several questions about her passions, dreams and ambitions.

Her daily job

As a merchandise specialist, Stella is responsible for all the orders and inquiries. Aside from that, her job also has a creative side.

Stella likes to be creative which makes the opportunity to create custom designs for clients something she really adores. Stella also takes care of the showroom and she makes sure that the customers feel welcome in the office at Utrecht. She also likes being busy with marketing, so if she would have the opportunity, she would definitely investigate it.

Stella is a social person who likes contact with the clients. After closing a deal, there’s always some administration involved. The administration is an aspect she likes a little less, but it fortunately does not outweigh the positive aspects of her job.

A good start is half the battle

Stella enjoys clearing her mind for a while before she starts working. For her, starting the day with full energy is key. Name a better way to do this than yoga? Stella tries to go to the yoga school as much as possible, but she doesn’t always have the time. Therefore, she practices 10 minutes of yoga every morning before going to work. It helps her to start the day with a positive attitude. Stella thinks everyone at Merchandise Essentials should give it a try. Perhaps we should launch our own yoga line?

The ideal weekend

Stella is a real party animal. She likes a good party and a refreshing drink with some friends. Stella’s ideal weekend seems to be one without corona in either case. Besides a party, she is always up for a walk in Amsterdam. She really likes the city and loves discovering new places.

If money didn’t matter

‘What would you like if money didn’t matter?’ It’s a tricky question to ponder. When you don’t see Stella at the yoga school or at the office, maybe you can find her at a techno party. She really likes good music and she wanted to do something creative with it. Several of her friends started doing some DJ’ing.

Stella would like to get into it as well, but music is meaningless without good speakers, right? A good stereo system would be a wise investment for her. Besides that, Stella is a real fashion and design freak. She wants to make her house as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Unfortunately, these kinds of items are very expensive. If Stella would have a limitless budget, she would totally let her hair down!

Stella’s bucket list

Stella spent time studying in both Paris and Malaga. She had a great time and learned a lot while she was there. Through these experiences, she realized that she still wants to travel a lot in her life. Places like Asia, Bali, Australia and South-America are still on her bucket list.

In addition to a good party, Stella also likes going to festivals. Burning Man is a festival located in the desert of Nevada, America. She would love to visit the festival one day. It’s a festival that values sustainability, which is one of Stella’s core values. Stella tries to be environmentally aware by collecting her garbage and purchasing second-hand clothes.

After this pleasant chat with Stella, we know her a little better on a personal level. Stella was asked to nominate the next employee in the spotlight. Raky was her choice. Are you curious about Raky’s interests and goals? Then keep your eyes open for the next edition of the Monthly Essentials!

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