Product deep dive: cycling wear.

Cycling wear that fully expresses your branding

The possibilities to adapt your cycling design to the branding of your company? Everything’s possible!

If you’d like to use 5 different colors in the design or rather 50, all combinations are possible! Furthermore, you have the space and the opportunity to add logos of sponsors and partners to your clothing. This applies to all products within our cycling wear range.

Strategically tailored materials

Our product range of cycling wear consists of shorts, jerseys (short sleeves), cycling jacks (long sleeves) and caps. All fabrics are strategically tailored to the specific pieces.

Our shorts include braces for perfect fit & stay! There are also wide rubber elastics at the end of the shorts so they stay comfortably into place on your leg. The main fabric is very functional and feels like a second skin. In addition, we use pre dyed fabric so the base color of the shorts stay the same after stretching.

The cycling jerseys have short sleeves with rubber finishing that nicely fit around your arms for good aerodynamics. Three different fabrics are used for this piece of cycling wear. The front is made out of aero stretching polyester, the side has breathable side panels, the back consists of mesh polyester and the jerseys are also equipped with three easily reachable back pockets. Call it high tech!

Lastly, our cycling jackets are perfect during cold periods. You can easily wear them over your jersey without losing the branding of your company. Of course, the jacks are made out of thicker fabric than the jerseys and they are also brushed inside.

How to use cycling wear strategically in your company

1. Keep the motivation and creativity in your company high

Cycling wear can be an original and meaningful gift for your employees. If you want to keep the motivation and creativity of your employees high, it is extremely important to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Especially when remote work is the standard, you cannot forget to perform physical activities. Therefore, start a health initiative with the whole team and give all participants a full cycling outfit to stimulate the group atmosphere!

2. Support a good cause and boost your company image

Every year, many cycling races are organized for different charities. Your company can also register to support a good cause. It takes a lot of preparation and practice, which results in a good team atmosphere. Moreover, your company image gets a big boost when you do your part for society.

3. Transform your employees into real brand ambassadors

Everybody loves a good teambuilding. It brings your team together and helps everyone to bond more. That’s why many companies invest a lot of money in organizing team building activities. The only problem is that the effect is limited in time. But our cycling wear can be the perfect solution to increase your ROI.

Bring your team together on the weekend and surprise them with a full breakfast at work. Then prepare them for an intense and fun day and give them their own personalized cycling outfit!


  • All employees will truly stand out during the cycling tour and feel like one team.
  • All pictures on social media will look awesome and professional, generating a lot of engagement.
  • People can wear the merchandise for many years after teambuilding.
  • They can wear the cycling outfit to go cycling with friends, which means extra visibility.

Ready to transform your employees into sporty, healthy and motivated brand ambassadors? Make sure you take a look at our product page and don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to collaborate with you!

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