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Johnnie Walker.

Discover Johnnie Walker.

For the collection with Johnnie Walker, we were contacted by Edinburgh-based branding firm The Evolve Group. Commissioned by Johnnie Walker, this branding office was looking for a party to help them develop and produce a unique collection for the brand.

At Johnnie Walker they knew very well what they wanted but for the agency it was difficult to find a party that could meet the company’s requirements. The idea of using tapes as a finishing touch proved to be quite a challenge for many. But tapes are one of our specialties!

Quality is in everything.

With Merchandise Essentials, we didn’t get involved until later in the process. The agency had already been trying for several weeks to source the requested clothing all over the world. There, they encountered a number of issues:

  • Difficult communication with producers
  • Everything is possible, but the sample does not meet the requirements
  • Substandard quality
  • Ethically responsible and sustainable production processes cannot be guaranteed
  • No personal contact, impossible to set up a meeting

The above are obvious elements in a cooperation for us.

At Merchandise Essentials we only produce high quality clothing. We do everything possible to work in a sustainable way, both in the materials we use and in the production process and logistics.
We are convinced that the best results are achieved when the communication between client and partner runs smoothly. In this way we can work in a focused way to create the perfect products and there will be far fewer frustrations.

This smooth contact is something that Evolve is very grateful for since a lot of time was already wasted looking for a good party.

A unique choice of products.

Johnnie Walker went for a T-shirt with tape on the back and a Create tote bag with personalized handles, both in different colors. They also chose sports socks and baseball caps.

Pretty obvious product choices but anything but obvious designs. Achieving these designs required a great amount of technical expertise.

An initial challenge appeared to be matching the colors with Johnnie Walker’s visual identity. Their Pantone yellow, Pantone blue and Pantone red recur in every piece. These colors, or approximations of them, appear in the socks as well as in the screen printing of the logo, the high-density print on the caps and the tapes.

T-shirt with tapes.

With the T-shirt, the difficulty was in the two different materials: the material of the T-shirt and the material of the tape. Both fabrics behave differently and yet have to form a fitting whole that continues to look good even after several washes. In addition, the tape itself must meet many conditions.

  • It should not be too thick, but certainly not too thin.
  • It must be able to be applied nicely to the T-shirt fabric without pulling it diagonally.
  • The tape had to be made in the Pantone colors of Johnnie Walker.

Speaking of a real custom project.

Totebags, socks & caps.

With the tote bags, the handles played a big role. Their logo had to be visible along the entire length. We also used their Pantone colors.

The caps, on the other hand, stood out because of the special technique we used. The high-density print makes the caps unique pieces. It also creates the premium look that Johnnie Walker is going for.

And last but not least, the sports socks. A must-have when you release a collection. Socks are a unisex product that can be worn by anyone. Because we used an approximation of the Pantone colors, these socks are the perfect addition to this Create collection.

Native advertising thanks to the premium collection.

The collection, which included T-shirts, tote bags, socks and caps, was intended for influencer campaigns in the UK. Influencers received 1 or more items in the form of native advertising.

When influencers wearing Johnnie Walker clothing appear online, the brand generates instant extra visibility and reaches a lot more people. Thanks to the personalization and the use of the right logos and colors, the brand is also very recognizable. What a beautiful collection, right?

Only with quality & useful products can a brand like Johnnie Walker achieve the right results. Good thinking!

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