Product deep dive: socks.

The power of colorful socks.

You might be wondering why we’re writing a deep dive on something so seemingly trivial as socks. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this product. With more than 25.000 socks sold to over 70 different customers in just one quarter, socks are our – and apparently yours as well – favorite product.

It’s amazing how giddy and giggly people get when they receive a personalized pair of socks. With their functional yet very personal nature, they make the perfect corporate gift. Give them to your employees, business partners and clients to celebrate company milestones. Or even better: turn a negative experience into a positive one by sending out socks to rebuild the trust between you and clients with a complaint. Seems weird? It works for Mobile Vikings, so why don’t you try it yourself?

You name it, we got it!

You probably already have your ideal socks in mind, right?
If not, try picturing them right now. What do they look like? Are they regular socks, tennis socks, sneaker socks, long socks, cycling socks, kids socks…? Do they have a pattern or just a logo? Are they sporty or classy? Funny or rather elegant? The choice is yours!

Before we start designing, it is really important to know what the socks are meant for. Are you and your team competing in a running contest? Do you want to give your best clients a Christmas gift? You name it, we got it!

The design or pattern gets woven into the sock, so here are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure your design isn’t too detailed. That means no color gradients, no small circles or tiny figures. Also, the design has a maximum of six colors. With more colors comes more yarn, which will make your socks less stretchy. If you take these things into account, almost anything is possible!

From yarn to sock.

So now that you’ve picked your design, let’s get a little technical. The width of our standard pair of socks is 168 stitches. This means that 1 side has 84 stitches. Based on the stitches, we translate your design into pixels. In other words, your design is stitched in 168 pixels. To explain it mathematically: 1 pixel = 1 stitch. Are you still following? Good!

Step one of the production process is to match the colors of the design to existing thread colors. When the thread colors are chosen, the machine is prepared. The design or pattern is digitally transferred into the machine. Then, magic happens: a specialised machine weaves the sock in a few seconds!

Of course, wearing a sock with an open toe would be a little ridiculous. After the sock is woven, they are sewn shut at the toes (this work is done by hand by our amazing Polish sewers), ironed and thoroughly checked. After this labor intensive part is over, there’s only one more small step to complete until the socks can hug your feet: the packaging.

Sustainable alternatives.

When it comes to packaging, there’s really no end to the possibilities. Take a look for yourself at some of our previous projects and get inspired!

We know that there’s a lot of companies out there that offer custom socks for a very low price (suspiciously cheap, even). However, we really believe that quality should be your top priority.

Don’t get seduced by cheap printed socks (we never print on socks, the quality is subpar) or embroideries (have you worn embroidered socks? They’re far from comfortable!).

Go for a more ecological option. Quality that stays. We work exclusively with certified materials, this ranges from organic cotton to recycled polyester. Because of our extensive experience in the fashion industry, we know exactly which materials & suppliers to choose.

We also develop new technologies with our partners to make merchandise even more eco-friendly! For example: we already worked with synthetic yarn made out of fishing nets.

After all, you are a quality company, right? So don’t put your name on anything less than a quality product.

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