Behind the scenes:
Photoshoot Essentials SS21.

A clothing line of our own that suits both women and men and reflects the
quality and techniques we can handle in our products: the Essentials SS21 collection!

Fashion for non-fashion brands.

What do we exactly mean when we say ‘wearable quality clothing that is totally in accordance with your company’s corporate identity’? The Essentials SS21 was established with the goal of demonstrating to (potential) customers what we can do in terms of apparel outfitting and finishing. We are constantly looking for new techniques and ways to optimize our production processes. It is very essential to view, feel, and try on clothes before choosing, designing or producing them. This is why we always make sure that we have recent pieces hanging in our various showrooms so that customers can take a good look at the items.

We had some specific goals in mind when creating this collection. On the one hand, we wanted to create clothing that demonstrated our abilities. Customers who visit the showroom will see our most recent pieces right away.
Under the motto ‘fashion for non-fashion brands’ we also want to show that corporate clothing can be very wearable and fashionable. As a result, we will be introducing a webshop soon, where you will be able to purchase a number of exclusive items. In order to give this webshop a nice design and to display the clothing in an appropriate, fashionable way, there was a need for strong product photos.

Planning a photoshoot obviously requires some planning. For example, we determined the maximum budget, timing and results to be achieved beforehand.

Good preparation is half the battle.

We were able to effectively communicate our requirements to the photographer by using some mood boards. We went for an international look and feel with neon colors and an urban look and feel. Three crucial words that go perfectly with the collection’s style.

It’s crucial to choose the right photographer and models in addition to the photographic style. Once we knew what style we wanted, we started looking for a photographer who could handle this style. We then contacted many models for this project with the help of the photographer.

Everything starts with a detailed script.

The environment is really important in photography. The look of the pictures is determined by the surroundings, light and weather. We immediately thought of areas near the sea or a swimming pool because our collection contains summer goods, such as sliders and a cap. Due to our predetermined guidemap (urban, international look, neon colors), this turned not out to be a good fit.

Another option was to go for an industrial look, which emphasizes colored walls, concrete and the urban element. When it comes to outdoor photography, the weather is everything. Because Belgium’s weather is notoriously fickle, an indoor facility has to be available in case of rain. (And yes, it did rain!)

A few days before the photo shoot, we went over the script with the photographer.

  • Who was expected where?
  • Who had to be present at what time?
  • Which model was going to shoot which clothes?
  • What poses and details needed to be captured?

By setting up such a script before the shoot took place, we have saved a lot of time during the shoot itself. The amount of time you have at the shoot is usually limited. To shoot as many different looks, poses and locations as possible, a script is a must.

Despite our guidebook, we headed for Ostend, namely the Upstairs Hotel. The hotel perfectly embodies the style we were going for: a gritty, urban look and feel, brightly colored accent walls and rugged architecture, … In other words, a site from which we could go in a variety of directions.

The photographer, a male and female model and three members of the Merchandise Essentials team were present on the day of the photoshoot. One of the team members made some behind the scenes footage. With these images, we could tease our followers on social media channels. The small hints of what we were doing resulted in enthusiasm and curiosity among them.

With the script in hand, the shoot went very smoothly. The ironed clothes were ready for the models and the photographer quickly found the right settings to take our pictures. When it stopped raining we could quickly take some pictures on the roof terrace under a blue sky, yes!

Thanks to the good preparation, the photography job was done in half a day. The next step was one for the photographer: selecting and editing the images. While waiting for the images, we started setting up the webshop. Besides designing and programming the webshop, we also updated the stock lists, wrote product descriptions and fully developed the campaign around it.

Today we are proud to present to you our new SS21 Essentials collection! You can purchase our exclusive pieces through this link.

Does an own clothing collection for your company sound like music to your ears? Do you need a partner to design and present this collection in the right way? We would love to help you with this! Besides organizing a collection day where we brainstorm with you about what the different garments will look like, we also help you with the communication around it. A photo shoot, an announcement, internal and external communication, … It’s all up to you! Would you like more information about this? Then feel free to contact us!

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