Employee in the spotlight: Anna

At Merchandise Essentials, we are a close-knit community that values teamwork.
We decided to highlight one of our colleagues every month because we appreciate all of them one by one. This month, we introduce you to Anna. She is our graphic designer in the Polish office.

About Anna

Anna, 33 years old and the creative brain of our Polish office. Together with Nils, they are the graphic team of Merchandise Essentials and thus translate all the corporate identities of companies into beautiful designs. In order to get to know her a little bit better, we asked her several questions about what her job entails, her spare time and many more.

COVID-19 provided new opportunities

COVID-19 is a rough period, but sometimes positive things come out of it. For Anna, it marked her start as a graphic designer at Merchandise Essentials.

Because of Corona, Anna and her former employer decided to stop working together. After that, she decided to take a break and some time for herself while she quietly searched for a new challenge. It was the longest holiday she had in 3 years. Suddenly she saw the vacancy for graphic designer in our Polish office and she was immediately excited. Meanwhile, Anna is on board for almost one year!

“My job is a highlight”

When we asked Anna to name the highlight of her career at Merchandise Essentials, she found it difficult to pinpoint one specific thing. “I find it difficult to name one thing in particular. My job itself is a highlight. It’s so impressive to design something, see it being developed and ultimately see it worn by people. That’s something that still inspires me after all this time. I’m really grateful to be part of the Merchandise Essentials team.”

How Anna wants to improve herself

A part of Anna’s job is desktop publishing, better known as DTP. DTP includes the whole process of processing files of all kinds, images and texts, in a digital way into a publishable form. In our case, this is about converting a corporate identity into a manufacturable design, which is then translated into technical files to go into production. That’s quite a job, don’t you think?

Anna receives a lot of training to develop her DTP skills. She describes this as a struggle point sometimes. It doesn’t always run smoothly and she would like to get better at it.

“Clothes with pockets are everything”

When we asked Anna what her favorite piece of merch was, she didn’t have to think for too long. She really likes hoodies. “As long as clothes are comfy, they can please me. Besides, I like wearing clothes with pockets. I’m not sure why, but wearing garments without pockets makes me feel a little odd. When my clothing doesn’t have it, I don’t know what to do with my hands.”

Anna’s spare time

Besides work, there is, of course, time for leisure. With the warm weather approaching, Anna recently started playing badminton again. She waited all winter for the sun to break through again so she could continue her hobby.
Besides that, Anna not only expresses her creativity in her job, but also in her daily life. When she has some spare time, she likes to fill it with drawing or painting. That way, she can completely unwind and relax.

“In addition to badminton and painting, I love going to concerts. I’m greatly looking forward to the events starting up again so I can catch another concert soon. I really love all the concerts with guitars. I’m a huge fan of metal. I try to go to concerts every month, both big and small bands. I really love live music. Hopefully I can enjoy it really soon.”

“We create things for somebody, and that somebody is important”

At Merchandise Essentials, we work closely with people. We strive to ensure the best possible consumer contact, from the first contact to the delivery of the product.

When we asked Anna where she thinks Merchandise Essentials will be in ten years, she thinks we will be even more committed to customer contact. “We can’t forget that we create things for somebody, and that somebody is important. I hope we will continue to improve and become pioneers in this area over the next ten years. In addition, I hope we will continue to expand and become one of the biggest players in the fashion industry. That would be amazing!”

After this enjoyable chat with Anna, we know her a little better. We asked Anna to nominate the next employee in the spotlight. Dorothée was her choice. Are you curious about what Dorothée has to tell us? Then keep your eyes open for the next edition of the Monthly Essentials!

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