Product deep dive: towels.

Why you’re winning with towels.

Personal accessories are always a good idea. They may not seem original at first glance, but they certainly can be. Have you ever thought of a towel as a business gift, embroidered or printed with a logo, slogan, name or personal message?

Corporate gifts have everything to do with emotions. Whether the gift is used to thank someone, to strengthen the relationship or to promote your brand, everything depends on the association and emotion that you evoke in others. You want your brand or message to be noticed in a positive way.

Towels are a good gift because they generate positive feelings. Many of us associate towels with the pleasant sense of being freshly washed, the aroma of roses and a sense of warmth. Just thinking about towels makes us feel good. Why not personalize them with some stylish embroidery? You’ll have the ideal business present in no time!

Towels fully branded to your corporate identity.

Why would you customize a towel and give it to your corporate relations? There are so many reasons to do so. Towels are a daily-used product, which makes your gift very convenient. Furthermore, you can easily decorate it the way you want it. In no time, you create a recognizable, unique towel completely adapted to your corporate identity! This not only makes your gift very practical but really stimulates your visibility. With this thoughtful gift, you’ll become visible in places you’ve never been before.

For the design, there are a lot of different options. We work with 5 different weaving techniques, each with its unique look.

1. Jacquard weaving
Jacquard is a weaving technique in which a design made up of different yarn colors is woven into a single silk fabric. In the jacquard technique, a maximum of two different colors can be used.

2. Relief weaving
In the relief technique, there is a height difference in the weave. In this technique, we use tone on tone. The text or logo creates a 3D effect on the towel. This looks very premium!

3. Border weaving
This method can be combined with jacquard or relief. Border weaving is adding a border to the towel which gives the towels that extra special touch. You can use up to five different colors! In doing so, you can go all the way and make your design reflect your corporate identity.

4. Full color (sublimation)
For printing on materials or products, sublimation is used to “bake in” a print into the surface of the material itself. The result is a high quality, bright and vibrant full-color print that is wash resistant. The front of the towel will be colored with a print, while the back will be plain white.

5. A little bit of everything
Last but not least, you can choose a combination of the techniques above. Do you like that little bit of extra? Then go for a combination of relief in jacquard style with a colored border. In no time, you’ll have a unique towel that totally matches your corporate identity!

Do you want to make the gift a little more fun? We’ve got you covered! What’s a gift now without some nice packaging? We can provide a lovely sleeve for you to wrap your towel in. You can also decorate the sleeve yourself. Would you like to add your logo, slogan or a quote? Everything is possible!

We have 3 different sizes in our towels:

  • Sports towel: 50x100cm – Your best friend during an hour of exercise
  • Bath towel: 70x140cm – Can brighten up your bathroom immediately
  • Beach towel: 100x180cm – Ideal for a day unwinding at the beach

For every occasion, you can provide a different towel. Is summer approaching and you’d like to surprise your team? Then go for the largest model, which can be used as a beach towel. Or do you simply want to show your appreciation for your employees by giving them a useful gift? Then choose a smaller model that they can utilize on a daily basis. That way, they’ll be reminded of your business in a positive way every time they use it!

As you can see, towels are very versatile and they bring a lot of positive effects. Are you also looking for the perfect gift to honor your customers or employees? Contact us via the form below and we will help you to make a good impression!

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