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The Monthly Essentials.

June 2021

RIP to email spam. We used to send a lot of emails but we discovered what you really want: one quality email per month.

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Customer Stories.

AZ Groeninge

Finding the right people is one of the biggest challenges for business owners and HR managers. How do you find the right fit for your company? How do you attract more talent?

Drop one: Pulse

Custom wear, a limited number of pieces and a countdown clock. It sounds unlikely, but it happened to the colleagues of one of the largest telecom companies in Europe.

SS21 Webshop.

Discover our first Spring-Summer 21 Essentials collection! The collection contains trends for women and men: T-shirts, hoodie, sweater, sliders, … Sustainable materials and next level quality! With this collection we not only want to show what the different possibilities and techniques are, but also that corporate clothing can be absolutely fashionable! Want your own corporate fashion items? We can help!

Behind the scenes.

A clothing line of our own that suits both women and men and reflects the quality and techniques we can handle in our products: the Essentials SS21 collection!

Employee in the spotlight.

Every month, we highlight one of our colleagues because we appreciate all of them equally. This month we get to know Anna better by asking her 6 fun questions. Want to find out more about Anna? Find out by clicking below!

Product deep dive.

When you think about a relaxing day at the pool, drinking a cocktail at the beach, a colorful towel automatically comes to mind! Towels are associated with fun occasions and for that reason, they make a perfect corporate gift! Are you interested in learning more about the many decorating options from towels? Then be sure to press the button below!

Statement of the month.

Its 2021, you can’t ignore it anymore, sustainability is becoming increasingly important. People try to do their part by using public transport and are consuming less meat. All nice initiatives, but did you realize that the fashion industry is responsible for 10% (!) of global warming? Impressive, isn’t it? Knowing that we are all responsible for this, as clothing is among our basic needs. We at Merchandise Essentials have figured out a way to deal with this in a responsible and long-term way. Read all about it by clicking below!

Guess the brand.

Yay! It’s time for our favorite game again: guess the brand. This time we created a fictional design for one of the world’s largest retailers of writing tools. Can you guess the brand? Click on the link below to discover if you got it right!

Our latest job offers.

Content creator Belgium.

Is creative content creation your thing? Are you comfortable working with video, images and words and sharing the results on online channels? Both in English and in Dutch? Then this could be your match!
Click the button below for more information.

Sales development representative.

We are looking for an entrepreneurial & creative SDR. Your passion is delivering massive value to our clients and closing win-win deals. On a daily basis you will work closely with leading companies & brands to develop and implement their merchandise strategy.

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