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May 2021

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Customer Stories.


Teamleader was eager to show their appreciation to its colleagues, especially in times like these. Like many other companies, all colleagues have been working from home since March 2020. In their sector, the ‘business switch’ went quite smoothly. On the other hand, the loss of the bustling office atmosphere was quite a challenge. The informal chats and tea or coffee moments are undoubtedly missed. Find out how Teamleader managed to thank their employees corona proof, yet very personally for all their hard work.

Stichting Tegen Kanker

“You have cancer”, a tough sentence that 67.000 people hear every year. Terrible, isn’t it? Since 1924, Foundation Against Cancer has been one of the major actors in the fight against cancer in Belgium on a national level. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Foundation Against Cancer launched a major solidarity campaign, #ProtectWhoYouLove. We at Merchandise Essentials were given the opportunity to be a part of it.

Discover in this customer story how merchandise can be used to support charities.

Behind the scenes.

Curious about what happens behind the scenes at Merchandise Essentials? This is your chance to discover our office in Gdańsk! We asked Ewelina, our Project Manager in Gdańsk, to give us some more inside information about their office. She can’t wait to share it with you.

Employee in the spotlight.

Every month, we highlight one of our colleagues because we appreciate all of them equally. This month we get to know Seba better by asking him 6 fun questions. Want to find out more about Seba? Find out by clicking below!

At Merchandise Essentials, we are a close-knit community that values teamwork.
We decided to highlight one of our colleagues every month because we appreciate all of them one by one. This month, we introduce you to Sebastiaan, better known as Seba. Seba is Country Manager in our office in Berlin, Germany.

Product deep dive.

What’s more fun in the summer than strolling around in your favorite, pimped sliders? Merchandise Essentials designs the coolest sliders to match your company’s corporate identity. Are you curious about the different possibilities? Then be sure to click on the button below!

Guess the brand.

It’s time for our favorite game again: guess the brand. This time we made a design for one of the Netherlands’ largest cosmetics companies. We made an addition to their collection that fits their target group perfectly. Can you guess the brand? Click on the link below to discover the correct answer!

Collection of the month.

This month we collaborated with Smile Safari, Europe’s largest Instagram and TikTok museum and also called ‘the Disneyland for Instagrammers’. We designed a clothing line for their webshop, fully customized to their corporate identity. Discover the result by clicking on the button below!

When you think about unicorns, pink palm trees and rainbows, Smile Safari automatically comes to mind. It is Europe’s largest Instagram and TikTok museum, featuring optical illusions, the cutest Instagram walls and much more.

Our latest job offers.

Graphic designer Poland.

Are you a magician in Photoshop? Are you interested in fashion and clothing development? Then you could be the perfect fit for our company!

We are looking for a graphic designer based in Poland. Who knows, you might become part of our fast growing international company. Find out all about the job opening by clicking the button below!

Front desk employee.

Are you a true team player and do you get energy from working with people? Does your enthusiasm infect your colleagues? Do you want to work with nice people in a great atmosphere? Then you are the right person for this position!

We are looking for a front desk employee in our HQ in Belgium. Does all the above sound appealing to you? Then don’t hesitate to click on the link below to see the full job description!

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