Behind the scenes:
our office in Gdańsk.

Merchandise Essentials started 5 years ago and already has 5 locations in 4 different countries!
One of the locations is in Gdańsk, Poland. Meanwhile, three talented individuals are working there.
This month, we are highlighting the office in Gdańsk and tell you a little bit more about it.

How it all started.

Niels and Steven founded Merchandise Essentials in 2013. It began as ‘Night Essentials’. They started the company in their parents’ living room and expanded to an office in Roeselare in 2015.

After opening offices in The Netherlands and Germany, Merchandise Essentials decided to expand to Poland. The first Polish establishment was in Łódź. A few months later, another office in Poland opened; in Gdańsk to be more specific.

Because we want to do our part for the planet, we only work within the European Union. We do this to avoid polluting transport. Łódź is a city well-known for its sustainable production of textiles and clothing. For that reason, Merchandise Essentials chose to produce there as well. The Łódź office officially opened in January 2020. That way, everything concerning the production could be followed up there.

In Poland, the locals aren’t familiar with the word ‘merchandise’ yet. Employee attire that is comfy and looks nice at the same time? In Poland, they think this is very weird. For that reason, a sales-focused office could not be missing in Poland, right? Merchandise Essentials decided to open the office in Gdańsk. The right people who can convince the locals about the power of merchandise, perfectly what Poland still needed, I guess!

The joy of coworking.

The Merchandise Essentials office in Gdańsk is located in the Olivia Business Centre, a prestigious and vivid business park located at the very heart of Gdańsk. Today it provides 175,000 square feet of office space where a variety of companies meet.

The Merchandise Essentials office is located in the building where coworking takes place. A lot of different people from different companies meet there, including Ewelina, our Project Manager. The atmosphere there is really great. Everyone interacts with one another and they try to help each other when necessary.

From time to time, events are organized so that everyone gets to know each other better. With the current situation, it’s a little bit more complicated, but they deal with it in a creative way. Recently there was an online speed date to learn more about each other and what types of companies come together in the business centre. Amazing, don’t you think?

The interaction between Łódź and Gdańsk.

The production office is located in Łódź while in Gdańsk, they deal with the sales. Despite the fact that the two offices are about 330 kilometers apart, they make every effort to communicate effectively.

When there are some production-related questions, they can just video call each other to get the answers they need. Once a month, they arrange an online meeting to stay in touch and catch up a bit.

A heart for animals.

In the Olivia Business Centre, they have a huge heart for animals. In the office, pets are welcome. If you have a dog at home, you can definitely bring it to work. Some animals are always present in the building which provides some extra coziness. People feel like home when the animals are around.

At Merchandise Essentials, we also have a soft spot for animals. As a textile company, we often have a lot of spare materials that can’t be used for clothing anymore. With these fabrics, we make dog pillows for a shelter in Łódź. That way, the dogs can stay there comfortably. Maybe it would be a great idea to adopt a dog from the shelter in Łódź as an office dog for in the coworking place?

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