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Smile Safari.

Merch for Smile Safari ambassadors.

Smile Safari recently launched a webshop to sell their own clothing to both young and old. We at Merchandise Essentials were given the opportunity to be part of this project. We created the design of this collection. How cool is that?!

The clothing will be sold on the webshop for the real Smile Safari fans on the one hand and on the other it will be sponsored for influencers.

Influencers are hugely popular nowadays, especially on social media platforms like Instagram. Since Smile Safari is an Instagram museum, influencers can’t be missing in this scenario, right? Smile Safari often collaborates with familiar faces to raise the awareness of their museum to the general public. Influencers like Leen Dendievel, Pommeline Tillière and Camille Dhont have promoted the Smile Safari on their Instagram.

© Hannes Coudenys

Instagrammable but comfy.

The goal of Smile Safari was to create clothing that could be worn by both young and old. They wanted to highlight the brand a little more, and what better way to do so than with cool merchandise customized to Smile Safari’s corporate identity?

Smile Safari wanted a mix of comfy clothing that still looks fun and cute enough for the most adorable Instagram pic’s. For that reason, they chose T-shirts, hoodies and sweaters. These are nice, warm and essential pieces that no one should be without in their closet.

The designs of the clothing had to match the branding of Smile Safari; striking, colorful and instagrammable in other words. The logo of Smile Safari is recognizable and the colors of the merch come back in their corporate identity. It exudes cheerfulness while still being tough.

To obtain the perfect match with the corporate identity, we went for Pantone dying. In this case, the fabric is dyed in the exact corporate identity color, so there is no dependence on catalog colors. In addition, the design was also screen printed in the exact Pantone colors.

Nothing but positivity.

The merch has recently been sold on Smile Safari’s website and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. They want to promote the merchandise a little more so that it becomes more well-known among the general public. What better way to do this than by enlisting the help of influencers? Maybe you’ll see your favorite influencer in Smile Safari merchandise soon!

Do you also want to transform your brand identity into awesome merchandise? Then be sure to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out!

© Hannes Coudenys

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