1. HaiKw


Top 100 Brands 2019 - HaiKw

African art in fashion.

Their story

The design duo behind HAiKW/ (“haik” means hitchhike) took a trip to Africa with bold wax prints created by Norwegian artist Toril Johannesen. The brand has a simplistic approach to clothing.

2. Fuchsteufelswild


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Fuchsteufelswild

Never let the world fuck you.

Their story

Grown from a small Do-It-Yourself shop to an indispensable fashion brand inspired by the alternative music scene in Germany. Fuchsteufelswild is not just about fashion., the founder wants to express a clear message with their clothing: ‘Never let the world fuck you’.

3. Wood Wood


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Wood Wood

Scandinavian streetwear based on graffiti and street art from the 90s.

Their story

Wood Wood was founded in 2002 and is based in Copenhagen. The Scandinavian streatwear brand was known in no time because of the unique mix of graffiti and street art from the nineties. Wood Wood also has a strong stamp with their sports component.

4. Cheeky & Dutch


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Cheeky & Dutch

Statement-wear trying to get the best out of people.

Their story

Two lovebirds, a cheeky chick from Belgium and a funny Dutch guy fell in love. Both had their own vocabulary based on their mother tongue. It all began with the word he learned from the Flemish dialect: “Sjoeke”. Today, they convert funny situations into clothing items.

5. OBS


Top 100 Brands 2019 - OBS

Industrial graphic details and non-aggressive colorways.

Their story

The brand’s uber-sleek and hyper-futuristic designs are reminiscent of other technical streetwear labels. The brand’s approach means its products are crafted with total accuracy.

6. Heron Preston


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Heron Preston

Italian design brand that strives for innovation, experiment and unpredictability.

Their story

Heron Preston is a brand with a strong reputation when it comes to designer clothing, Heron Preston has become a culture icon.

7. Flâneur Clothing


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Flâneur Clothing

A label for those who take life with a smile and a pinch of salt.

Their story

Flâneur stands for ‘a person of leisure and adventure’, and that is what Flâneur Clothing wants to emphasize. The young brand wants to bring unique clothing, somewhere between elegance and arrogance.

8. Club 75


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Cheeky & Dutch

Paris, fashion & music? This is Club 75.

Their story

3 mates with a passion for music brought their ideas together. The result? Club 75, a clothing brand where the passion for music can be clearly seen in the collections.

9. Pelvis


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Pelvis

Australian streetwear brand designed by Sydnian DJs.

Their story

PELVIS is the clothing brand of a few Sydnian DJs, in addition to creating graphic pieces with their characteristic “SERVE” text, they also organize a monthly party that mixes decadent 80’s disco and house. In addition to their great success in Australia, they also gained interest from Yeezy and Venus X.

10. Costalamel


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Costalamel

Catalan brand inspired by contemporary fashion from the nineties.

Their story

The clothing brand Costalamel, founded in Barcelona, has in the first place nothing to do with the aesthetics that can be compared to the traditional Mediterranean, low-key and bohemian brands that are representative of Barcelona. Costa shares his fashion studio with various city artists and an industrial designer who constantly collaborates creatively with his collections.

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