11. Cheap Monday


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Cheap Monday

Known by the characteristic skull logo

Their story

From the start Weekday carried high-fashion and exclusive denim brands mixed with second hand clothing – a blend that attracted young, trendy Stockholmers.

12. Crate

New Zealand

Top 100 Brands 2019 - Crate

Achieving excellence & quality.

Their story

A lifestyle label born out of the street wear & urban culture. Inspired by music, pop culture, society & fashion.

13. Krabpull


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Krabpull

Belgian clothing brand with a strong eye for design and everything that lives today.

Their story

Krabpull has attention for the animals / environment and humans. They want to stop the pollution of the sea by making the customer aware of the damage they cause.

14. Atelier New Regime


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Atelier New Regime

Canadian streetwear brand that is known for an orange accent in their clothing.

Their story

Atelier New Regime is a Canadian streetwear brand from Montreal, they are known for their sophisticated aesthetic, prominent slogans and striking use of the color orange.


United Kingdom

Top 100 Brands 2019 - VI BLVCK

The ever evolving hype beast streetwear aestethic.

Their story

BLVCK Clothing was created out of a need to find high street alternatives quicker than the high street could provide.

16. Stay rats


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Stay rats

You either get it or you don’t.

Their story

Rats are everywhere and they’re nowhere. From the Miami based skate brand’s earliest days, Stray Rats have never produced anything that the founders wouldn’t personally wear.

17. Bimba y Lola


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Bimba y Lola

Spanish brand with a heart for colors and prints.

Their story

Bimba y Lola is the brainchild of the sisters Uxia and Maria Dominguez. The Spanish brand brings a fresh wind with the necessary portion of color and prints!

18. Moreporks

New Zealand

Top 100 Brands 2019 - Moreporks

Fashion brand that inspires New Zealand pride.

Their story

Moreporks likes to get her inspiration from the New Zealand landscape. They connect with people of nature to gather knowledge about their hunt for quality.

19. Crime x Punishment


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Crime x Punishment

Russian streetwear produced by prisoners.

Their story

Crime x Punishment was founded in St. Petersburg by designers Mike and Leonid. After reading the book “What to do if you have been sent to prison?” Leonid came up with the idea to start a clothing production in a prison. The original idea quickly gained many positive reactions and has great ambition to conquer the whole world in 2019.

20. Warped

South Korea

Top 100 Brands 2019 - Warped

Crazy beats and fashion. This is Warped.

Their story

Warped is not your regular kind of streetwear store. In fact, the store is owned by a DJ who usually plays the latest hits in-store. Occasionally, some of his DJ buddies will set up and entertain shoppers with crazy beats.

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