21. European by Choice


Top 100 Brands 2019 - European by choice

It’s all in the title: we choose to be EUROPEAN.

Their story

Brand from Antwerp who uses the European flag as a logo to emphasize that we are all 1 big family within Europe. It is not just a flag, the flag is the symbol of unity and peace.

22. Hélas


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Hélas

For skaters, by skaters.

Their story

Hélas is the brand of professional skateboarder Lucas Puig. The French designer puts the focus on caps and hats with a European skate twist.

23. Zazou


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Zazou

Belgian brand that gives athletes the chance to wear their favorite sportswear and look casual.

Their story

Zazou’s main goal is to let children play sports. They believe that they can change the world of sports and do that in fun clothing. Part of the brand’s profit goes to their sports project!

24. Eygló


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Eygló

The colourful world of Eygló.

Their story

Inspired by dinosaurs, the surface of mars, icelandic camouflage. Unusual fabrics and humour in the collections.

25. Die Monde


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Die Monde

Street culture and minimalistic design.

Their story

Die Monde strives to provide modern multicultural expressions to Swedish fashion, aiming to give Scandinavian streetwear a new angle by bridging the gap between sartorial and streetwear.

26. Shopfloorwhore

United Kingdom

Top 100 Brands 2019 - Shopfloorwhore

Reminiscent of the late 80’s and early 90s club kid era

Their story

Shopfloorwhore doesn’t shy away from adventurous designs, loud colours, furs, sequins and anything that may turn some heads while walking down the streets.

27. Mads Nørgaard


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Mads Nørgaard

What you wear should support you in your ways and beliefs.

Their story

When thinking of Danish design, style and ethics, Mads Nørgaard is the embodiment of all three. A designer who has learnt through generations of Nørgaards, designing by mottos integral to the brand.

28. Magenta


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Magenta

French skateboarder owned & run company.

Their story

Magenta Skateboards is a skateboarder-owned company in paris. Every person involved in Magenta is a skateboarder. Their aim: promoting the creative and meaningful side of skateboarding.

29. I Love Ugly

New Zealand

Top 100 Brands 2019 - I Love Ugly

Aspire to inspire before you expire.

Their story

I Love Ugly is ever evolving with a strive to push boundaries and innovatively revolutionise the menswear lifestyle marketplace of tomorrow.

30. Nufferton


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Nufferton

The nearly forgotten, but amazing, pyjamas.

Their story

One simple idea: to create a contemporary version of the nearly forgotten, but amazing, pyjamas. The loungewear label was dreamed up in Stockholm, and perhaps it’s not a coincidence. Swedes spend more time at home than anyone in the world.

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