31. Undefeated


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Undefeated

Putting L.A. streetwear on the map

Their story

What a story: the brand focused on the streetwear basics and has risen to include collaborations with Adidas, Nike, Supreme and several other of the industry’s biggest and brightest.

32. SOPH.


Top 100 Brands 2019 - SOPH.

Casual yet sophisticated clothing for everyday.

Their story

Minimal design, focusing on creating a collection of functional casual clothes for daily use. SOPHNET. has also collaborated with brands such as Vans, Stussy and Nike.

33. 032c


Top 100 Brands 2019 - 032c

German streetwear brand with trendy graphic prints.

Their story

032c is a German magazine and clothing brand, often worn by celebrities. They design bold clothes in a mix with graphic prints.

34. Lyle and Scott

United Kingdom

Top 100 Brands 2019 - Lyle and Scott

145 years old fashion brand with a new wind.

Their story

Lyle & Scott was founded in the Scottish Borders, the company has been producing first class knitwear since 1874.

35. Reigning Champ


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Reigning Champ

Sports clothing with an eye for detail.

Their story

By handling characteristic fabrics, Reigning Champ shows that sportswear not only stands for comfort, but can also be fashionable.

36. Madhappy


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Madhappy

Madhappy: two words coming together to create a life-like existence.

Their story

The beauty of Madhappy is that each person can have their own interpretation of it. Sometimes we’re mad, sometime’s we’re happy. In spite of this all, or maybe because of it all, we can always be Madhappy.

37. Kye

South Korea

Top 100 Brands 2019 - Kye

Intertwine fun and humour

Their story

Kye boasts pastel-centric clothes that are pleasing to the eye. Plunge into this pastel aesthetic with the band Lany’s Pink Skies and the warm colours of the sunset.

38. Spaghetti Boys


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Spaghetti Boys

Cultural movements with an ironic and fun approach.

Their story

Spaghetti Boys is a contemporary online creative outlet with a focus on art, apparel design and music. You absolutely must visit their website, it will make your day.

39. Espiritus Libres


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Espiritus Libres

An elegant and minimalist style in black and white by designer Izzie Ramírez.

Their story

At Espíritus Libres every t-shirt has its own name, the brand is inspired by urban culture as a form of artistic expression and social movement.

40. Outlaw Moscow


Top 100 Brands 2019 - Outlaw Moscow

Russian fashion brand where young designers present the new cultural and fashion trends.

Their story

Outlaw Moscow was set up by a duet of Russian designers concentrating on the most advanced designs for outerwear and indoor clothing. It all started in Moscow and is now becoming worldwide.

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