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What is a crew neck sweater?


The basic crew-neck sweater

A crew neck or crew-neck sweater has a round neckline. Not only sweaters, but also t-shirts with a round neckline are called crew neck shirts. A sweater or t-shirt with a V-neck or a collar is the opposite of a crew neck.

Funny fact
The crew-neck t-shirt was used to prevent irritation of the skin of American football players around the 30’s.

Crew-neck sweaters

Have a look at the crew-neck sweaters of the collection of Merchandise Essentials. As you will notice, all sweaters have a round neckline, but they are all different. The one is more cut out and the details of the sewing can be different… Crew-neck sweaters can have different styles. Check out the sweaters with the round neckline, and notice the differences in style.

 Crew-neck sweaters men

high quality sweater the bogart

The Bogart 

The Dean | Merchandise Essentials

The Dean

high quality sweater the connery

The Connery

high quality sweater the harvard

The Harvey


 Crew-neck sweaters women


The Fonda


The Bergman


The Taylor


The Davis


Crew-neck sweaters will be in style forever. Everybody, from teens to adults, can wear crew-neck sweaters or t-shirts.

Have a sweet-sweater-day!

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