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What sizes should I order?

You have a fantastic design, the style of the textile is perfect for your brand, the quality will be outstanding,… Basically, you have a plan, you know what you want, and you are super motivated to launch your own clothing line.

Ehm, only one question… “What sizes I should order?”.  Maybe you have to order more pieces in small, or more medium? Almost no XL, or a few? No worries, we will explain you how you can manage it. There are a few things that you should know before you just say ‘Oh well let’s take 100 S, 30 M and 4 L, or something like that…’.

Your collection: how many designs will I launch?

Before you start thinking about the sizes, you have to decide how many designs you want to create. You may have a lot of creative ideas and you can work out several designs. However, it’s better to start with a minimum of designs. As a starting clothing brand, it’s good to launch 3 different designs: 1 basic t-shirts with a little design, 1 iconic t-shirt and 1 in your face sweater with a crazy image.

After the first release of your collection, you can evaluate which design was the most popular. You can check the reactions of your customers, and eventually, you will see how many pieces are sold out the fastest.



True fact: You pay more if you order less.

What I mean is that the price goes down if you order more quantities. The textile price remains, but the cost for every screen print will be lower if you order more pieces. Screen printing has a fixed setup fee based on the amount of colors. Choose an experienced screen printer who explains you how the pricing works with the ordered quantities. We always advise you to start with 50 pieces, the pricing is good and you have the option to create neck labels, which is absolutely a must for your branding. If you want a smaller quantity, it’s better to produce 25 pieces. This is the minimum quantity for screen printing. 

Sizing breakdown 

You determined the total quantity, now you can decide what sizes you want to offer to your customers.

First of all, find out who’s your target group with the demographic statistics. For example, if you launch urban street wear, you have to order more L & XL. But for a hipster brand: more S & XS, Fitness brand: more S & M (tight fit).

Now, let’s go to the essence

Calculate your sizing breakdown


This is the industry standard. However, we know out of experience that the sizing breakdown is different according to the sex. For women, the standard is 1 XS – 2 S – 2 M and 1 L. For men, the standard is 1 S – 2 M – 2 L – 1 XL. Let’s say that you want to order 25 pieces. I take 25 because you can choose for screen printing if you have 25 prints. 

For women

25 t-shirts = 4 XS – 10 S – 8 M – 3 L

For men

25 t-shirts = 5 S – 10 M – 8 L – 2 XL

But what if you want to order 25 t-shirts in total for women and men? You can order 13 pieces for women, and 13 pieces for men. We suggest that you can order these quantities:

For women

13 t-shirts: 2 XS – 5 S – 4 S – 1 L – 1 XL

For men

13 t-shirts: 3 S – 5 M – 4 L – 1 XL

The quantities with the advised sizing breakdown is based on our experience. Off course, it depends on the popularity of the sizes of your target audience.

Now you have an idea about the quantity and sizing breakdown. But don’t forget the essence: choose a reliable partner and offer top-quality products. You have to know how the production works. Read this article about the three common production techniques. The explanation is simple and contains the essential information you absolutely need to know.

Good luck with your first order!

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