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In our “Behind the Scenes” series we interview experienced event managers about their vision, advice and plans.


Treehause Events is an organisation by Glenn Vanoplynus, Birgen Filez en Steven Callens. Since 2013, Treehause Events organises several different concepts in Belgium. They organise high-quality events like Butterfly Beats Festival, Blue Box Club, Treehause, Juicy… In this interview we dig deeper in their event Treehause.

1. How do you differentiate yourself from other events?

We distinguish ourselves by defining a specific target audience for each event. And according to this target audience, we provide the perfect atmosphere. This means specifically selecting the right music, service, location and overall experience. For example for Treehause, our target is 20-something interested in the Deep House scene.

For this concept the old factory “Fabriekspand” in Roeselare is the perfect location. For Treehause, we only employ experienced bar staff.

2. How do you market your event?

The core of our marketing strategy is exclusivity. Everything in our communication is tailored accordingly. Like the fact that tickets are only available through invitation. Social media is very important for us . We use a specific communication plan. Because all the announcements and other releases are planned. In this way we ensure that all necessary information is properly disseminated.

We deliberately do not use offline communications like posters and flyers. We keep Treehause deliberately out of the media to keep it exclusive and small. For other events such as Beats Butterfly Festival, the press is a very important partner. So we always organise a press conference to inform all stakeholders.

3. How does merchandise fit in your vision?

For Treehause, we will add a custom USB stick with all DJ sets from the previous edition to the invitations for the next edition. Thus creating a loyal fan base with people who really come for the music. Furthermore, it is an additional way of branding the event to our fans.

4. What ultimate advice would you give to starting event managers?

Surround yourself with experienced and passionate people. Build a network and nurture your relationships.

5. What are your plans in the short and long term?

In the long term, we’re starting new concepts such as “Nacht van de Roeselaarse jeugd” and expanding our existing concepts. In the short term, next Friday (02/10) it’s Treehause #2 in the Fabriekspand (Roeselare).

If you have questions for Treehause Events, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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