Premium Quality

We only use durable materials for our apparel and production techniques.

Fair Wear

Our international production headquarters are all fair wear certified.

Designed to sell

We advise you the latest trends for your custom clothing, headwear & accessories.

Apparel is a canvas
for your artwork



Is your production ethically and ecologically responsible?
Yes, we only use durable materials that are ethically and ecologically produced. This is the case for our textile and for our production methods.
What is the best printing technique for my clothing?
The three most used and best known printing techniques are screen printing, digital printing and flex printing. With our experience and knowledge, it is not recommended to choose for flex printing. Furthermore, the choice depends on the ordered quantity and your design. Learn more about the best printing techniques.
What is a collection day?
Together with our team of experts, you’ll sort out the styles, colors & designs for your next clothing collection. At the end of the day, every detail is figured out & we’re ready to start production. You can find more information here.
What is organic cotton?
Organic cotton is the most skin friendly textile and has advantages both for your health and the environment. It’s produced and qualified based on a natural production process without artificial additives. Learn more about organic cotton.
Do I need labels in my clothing?
That’s completely up to you. We advice you to produce and sew in custom labels if you want to empower your brand. There are many options: a necklabel, flaglabel, looplabel and a patch. A label is a must for clothing brands, but also for companies and events. People will only remember and recognize your clothing if there is a label.

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