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How to design an iconic T-shirt like Levi’s?

Everybody knows the Levi’s T-shirt, right? Ask it to a Japanese guy, or a Peruvian guy… Everyone knows the brand and the famous perfect tee. Basically, a Levi’s T-shirt is a simple T-shirt with a basic design. There’s nothing special about the shirt, so why does everybody wears them? From teenagers to middle class people, they all love it.

I have to admit it, even I have one.

In this article, I’ll explain you why this T-shirt is a bestseller, and how you can design an iconic T-shirt. There are 6 basic principles to design your own iconic T-shirt.



The Levi’s T-shirt is called ‘The Perfect Graphic Tee’. This is exactly the reason of success. But why does Levi’s have the balls to say that it’s the perfect graphic tee? Well, it’s all about the story. The T-shirt is simple, but everyone looks good in it. A Levi’s T-shirt is an iconic shirt.

Let’s talk business. There are 6 basic principles that you have to know to design an iconic T-shirts. Here we go:

1. Simplicity: less is more

The Levi’s T-shirt is really basic. There is a 1 color print, so it’s not expensive to produce it. The design is basic but very powerful, it’s an iconic image.

2. Create a strong design

The shape is special, and returns in every color. It’s not only a rectangular. It looks like a simple design, but they thought a lot about the creation. Also, red is a powerful color and works very good.

3. Your design is your story

Don’t create a design that is just beautiful, you have to tell a story. The designers of Levi Strauss & Co find inspiration from Levi’s products of the past.

Read the story of Levi’s.

Levi's Wembley

4. Quality, it’s a must!

The Levi’s T-shirt has a good quality. It fits perfect, everybody is beautiful in it. If you want to create an iconic T-shirt, you have to choose top-quality fabric and printing.

5. Recognizable designs

The Levi’s design is used in multiple colors and different styles. The design appears in grey with red, blue with white… It’s an iconic design that you can reuse in other colors and other formats, so it’s always recognizable. Look at the picture below to discover the different colors and designs.

Live in Levi's

6. Create your own baseline

Have the balls like Levi’s to say: “This is the perfect tee”. Have a general baseline, and truly believe in it.

Follow these 6 principles to create your unique T-shirt. We truly believe that everybody can create an iconic T-shirt, you only have to believe in it.

P.S. need some extra motivation or tips & tricks? Contact us, we’re excited to help!

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