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How to make your business stand out from competitors

This is the story of ‘De Nachtwacht’

Being able to differentiate your business in a crowd of competitors, it’s not an easy task. ‘De Nachtwacht’ is a retail store specialized in beds and mattresses. However, in a crowd of competitors, how can you stand out?

Powerful merchandise story

The clients of ‘The Nachtwacht’ experience unique moments. People also call the store “The most beautiful store of the country”. Besides a beautiful showroom there is even an attractive merchandise corner. The company ‘De Nachtwacht’ stands out by acknowledging a creative merchandise strategy. The merchandise suits their story perfectly: a cozy comfy suit to wear in the bedroom.


Did you know that…

The reversed sheep is their mascot. If you buy a bed, you will even be surprised by this cute cuddly toy, laying on the bed. This is pure experience!

However, how can merchandise boost your business? What’s the strategy of the retail store ‘De Nachtwacht’? Well, merchandise works because of these 3 reasons:


#1 Choose quality

‘De Nachtwacht’ guides its clients to choose premium-quality beds. Of course, the company also chooses for top-quality clothing. When you offer quality, you have to offer quality in all your services and products. Eventually, clients will only buy clothing if the quality is top-notch. Like that, qualitative merchandise is completely matching the premium brand.


#2 Memorable design

The clothing is decorated with sheep. ‘De Nachtwacht’ could also have chosen to print the company name on the chest. However, people would never wear that. The design makes the clothing powerful, it’s like a fashion brand. The embroidered sheep look beautiful and this cute animal also represents the corporate identity.

Did you know that we have in-house apparel designers who are specialized in creating clothing designs? Check our design service for more information.


#3 Create a memorable moments

The comfy suit fits the picture. Lovely evenings wearing a sweater with matching sweatpants, that’s perfect in the bedroom. Clients can even try their future bed in the ‘Testnest’, that’s a comfortable bedroom where they can spend a night. Of course, clients can wear the comfy suit while spending a night at the Testnet. Like that, ‘De Nachtwacht’ want to give experience to their clients. That’s exactly how clients will become true ambassadors that really want to wear ‘De Nachtwacht’ branded clothing. It’s a fact that ambassadors are the strongest reference.


Did you know that Dewaele Real estate has a lot of ambassadors by their merchandise campaign? Read more about their strategy..

Dewaele - Case Study

Start now with creative merchandise

Merchandise evokes unique experiences. As a retail store, you can launch a merchandise strategy to empower your story. Just like ‘De Nachtwacht’, every company can maximize their results by this strategy. Do you also want to make the difference? Contact our team, we are happy to listen to your story.


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