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How to market craft beer using merchandise?

An effective merchandise strategy leads to more sales, more customer experience and eventually a lot of growth.

Merchandise is extremely important for the success of craft beers. It’s not just about printing a T-shirt, this will not create customer experience. But I’m already going too fast, let’s start from the beginning: the brew of your beer. Basically the essence.

The essence: your craft beer and the branding strategy

It’s a long way to brew your own beer. By trial and error, you are tasting, changing the ingredients, having doubts, asking people their opinion,.. Suddenly, you found the perfect brew, and it feels like you just climbed the Mount Everest and conquered the world. Of course, you should be proud of yourself, because the taste of your craft beer is the essence.

You now have the perfect brew, but this is only the beginning.

The taste of your craft beer is the essence. But without an efficient marketing strategy, nobody will know your craft beer. So that’s why it’s important to build a branding strategy. If there’s no branding, only your closest friends will drink it, just to make you happy.

Here’s what you have to do

  • Think about a really good brand name, it has to be memorable
  • Create the story of your craft beer, and truly believe it
  • Describe the core values of your brand

Basically, your craft beer must have a strong character with a powerful story.

Your brand story is important to give your fans the perfect experience. Basically, people have to choose between a variety of craft beers. If someone chooses your beer, it’s because of the wonderful taste, but also because of the branding that worked. Think about it, you are sitting in a bar, looking around, and you suddenly notice that the bartender wears a cool T-shirt of Duvel. Great chance that you order a Duvel, without looking at the menu. This story is proof of the most effective merchandise product: T-shirts.

Awesome T-shirts: the most successful merchandise

A cool T-shirt is the number one merchandise product for your craft beer. It’s a walking billboard for your brand. An awesome T-shirt creates value for your craft beer, it looks cool and it reminds people of the experience they had with your brand. Any wearable product is cost-effective because people are wearing it or they give it away.

Next to T-shirts, there are other products that are extremely popular, like sweaters, headwear, flip flops.. But how can you increase your sale with merchandise products? There are 4 essential action points to have success with your merchandise. Have a look at our Cash T-shirt

CASH Dark Heather Grey
# Choose an awesome partner

Choose a partner that can give you top-quality merchandise. Expertise and knowledge are essential for your brand. Merchandise Essentials is a perfect partner by the way 😉


# Promote your merchandise

Talk about your merch: on social media, your website, newsletters… Start a customer loyalty program and organise actions: buy 3 beers and get 1 T-shirts. Sell it online, make awesome pictures, talk to bloggers, to influentials like students and organise games. There are plenty of possibilities!

Everybody has to know that your brand has merchandise, and that it’s totally awesome.


# From the basics to a real collection

You can start with products that will easily sell, like T-shirts and sweaters. Eventually, you can think to expand your collection. The possibilities are endless. Your beer brand will become a real brand if there is a custom label in the neck. Think about multiple products, swim shorts are trending in summer, beanies are essential during summer. The decoration possibilities are endlessly. Try to find your own style, and discuss the collection in detail with your partner.

White flip flops Vedett

What are you waiting for?

Start launching your branding strategy with merchandise. We are as excited as you are, so don’t hesitate contacting us. Together, we can make your craft beer enormously popular.

Practical tips & tricks can be found in the article: ‘7 ways to grow your business with merchandise’.



Do you need personal advice for your needs? Contact our expertised team, they are happy to help you.

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