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How to build your DJ & producer career with merchandise

The Michael Amani story

  •    1st Belgian DJ on STMPD Records
  •    +9.000 Instagram followers
  •    Close to 1 million subscribers
  •    More than 100 shows in Belgium last year 

An impressive career and awesome merchandise… Definitely the perfect combo. DJ Michael Amani is the ultimate example to prove it. This young artist can already cross some impressive events off his bucket list. Not to mention, he’s the first Belgian artist to release his single ‘Feels like I do’  on the label of Martin Garrix, n°1 DJ of the world. Impressive career: check. Awesome merchandise: check. The merchandise part, that’s where we came in. We had an inspirational talk with the manager about his vision on merchandise. Read on and be inspired.

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How to become a successful DJ

Michael Amani started as a DJ, spinning records at parties. That’s how people got to know him. Unlike most DJ’s, he focused on building his brand in the beginning of his career instead of focusing on the production of his own music.  And that turned out to be a great decision. Also, he knew how to use social media where he applied a real branding strategy. Additionally, he had an effective merchandise strategy to raise awareness. That way, he gathered an impressive fan base, right from the start.


Once DJ Michael Amani created his brand, he started producing his own songs. And look at him now… He’s the first Belgian artist to release his single ‘Feels like I do’ on STMPD, the label of Martin Garrix. The fact that he already had a great deal of followers and fans empowered his career.

Check out the caps he launched at the beginning of his career. Definitely a trigger, people where wondering who Michael Amani was.  


Boost your DJ career with Merchandise

From the very beginning, Michael Amani made sure people saw him, everywhere. That’s how people got to know him. They started recognizing him, all because of his merchandise. It really makes your fans stand out.

“If people see the same cap 10 times, they start wondering ‘who is that dude?”

Merchandise also created extra content for his social media channels. Fans love merchandise giveaways for example. That way, merchandise and social media reinforce each other.


Merchandise enforced the start of his career and it still is an essential item. When he started to release his own songs, he already had a fan base who couldn’t wait to hear his music. That way, his song had a great impact from the very first moment.  

The clue of the story: don’t lose sight of your brand! What are you waiting for?
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