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How Paul Kalkbrenner brought sportswear to underground nightclubs


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Who is Paul Kalkbrenner?

Paul Kalkbrenner, one of techno’s biggest superstars. This international talent has already made 7 studio albums and has more than 2.4 million Facebook fans.

The impressive artist started as a DJ in local youth clubs. But as much fun as that was, Paul really wanted to play his own music live. Eventually, his first tracks were released on Ellen Allien’s BPitch control label in 1999. From the beginning, his music had its own character. Where techno was more dark and monotone at that time, Paul’s music was melodic and warmer.

In addition to being a famous artist, he has also made his debut as an actor. You may have seen him as Icarus, in the film ‘Berlin Calling’ that came out in 2008. He also produced the music for the film, together with his brother Fritz. Together, they have written and produced the title song, Sky And Sand, which was a real hit.


Kalkbrenner & sports

Have you ever noticed that Paul Kalkbrenner often wears a sports shirt when he’s performing? Sports shirts really have become a characteristic of Paul Kalkbrenner. His fans even bring them to his performances.

Paul Kalkbrenner was one of the many artists to produce music for FIFA 17. The music is selected in a way that you may find a new favorite artist. If you’re a real FIFA player, you must have heard Paul Kalkbrenner’s Scream.


The secret to powerful merchandise

Merchandise increases your popularity and makes your fans stand out. But to create powerful merchandise, everything has to be done right. You have to create merch your fans will believe in, so choose items that really match your brand. Also, that does not only apply to your merchandise, but to everything you do. If people recognise your personality in everything you do, your merchandise will be more powerful. Another great DJ who’s proving the power of merchandise is DJ Michael Amani. Check out his success story.

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Paul Kalkbrenner is the ultimate example. Sports shirts have almost become a part of who he is. You can see it everywhere and even his fans make it their own. So, sports merchandise would be the perfect way for him to monetize his artwork. When you choose your merchandise items you have to keep in mind who you truly are. If it’s a match with your brand and personality, it will sell. You have plenty of possibilities, check out our catalog and discover your perfect merchandise.

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Paul Kalkbrenner was born in a very musical family. His brother, Fritz Kalkbrenner, is also a very talented artist. In 2010 he released his debut album, Here today Gone tomorrow. That’s when he stepped out of his brother’s shadow. Meanwhile, he already has a number of albums to his name. Did you know that his brother also has awesome merchandise?

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Een bericht gedeeld door Paul Kalkbrenner (@iampaulkalkbrenner) op

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