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The merchandise strategy of Big Green Egg

How can an organization like Big Green Egg empower the brand experience?

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  • A company can launch a powerful clothing line
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Now, how exactly can a brand of an outdoor cooker be different than other brands? This is the story of Big Green Egg.

Partnership Big Green Egg & Merchandise Essentials

Big Green Egg, the number one worldwide brand in Kamado grills works together with the team of Merchandise Essentials. The two partners launched a merchandise strategy to empower the experience of Big Green Egg Fans.

Every company want to transform their clients to loyal fans. With an efficient merchandise strategy, the community of Big Green Egg clients are true brand ambassadors. These ambassadors are the key to more customers, bigger fans or new qualified staff. Result? Clients become fans with a heart for the brand.

Let’s get practical. Ready to learn more about an effective merchandise strategy for companies? Here we go!

Describe your core business

Big Green Egg, the Porsche of the barbecue

That’s exactly how you can describe the quality of a Big Green Egg in one sentence. A Big Green Egg is the highest-quality ceramic kamado-style charcoal grill. Buying a Big Green Egg is an investment. Why should you buy an EGG? Because it’s the best, and it will increase your life quality. Your main product has to be an icon, a statement and world class.


  • Describe the core business of your organisation, product or service in one sentence. For example ‘Big Green Egg stands alone as the most versatile grill and outdoor cooking product on the market, with more capabilities than all other conventional cookers combined’.
  • How can you make a difference with your organisation? Think outside the box, every idea is valuable. Big Green Egg has a clear statement, the EGG has to ‘exceed all your expectations for culinary perfection’.
  • Help people truly believe your core business. Say it, and make sure that they can read and experience it everywhere: on the website, social media, and off course, with the product itself.

The moment you have a clear vision for your product or service, you can go a step further to target more customer groups. Two words: Line Extensions.

Big Green Egg Community Merchandise
Big Green Egg Community Merchandise

Expand your business: Line Extensions

The company has an efficient strategy with line extensions, which means that Big Green Egg offers more products and services. With multiple products and services, you can target more customer groups and meet their needs.

Big Green Egg is about the whole package. The EGG is the main product, but you can also buy accessories. The Egg Basics are for example nests, EGG covers and table islands. Next to that, there are also cooking tools like charcoal, smoking woods, grilling tools, cookware, etc. Big Green Egg customers and fans can buy everything to create magic with their EGG.

Besides the accessories, there is also a successful Big Green Egg clothing line. The following paragraph describes the impressive strategy of Big Green Egg’s clothing label. But first things first, the action points you need to know for a strategy with line extensions.


  • What products or services can you offer to your customers? Organize a brainstorm with relevant people and make a list. Make sure that there is a link with your main product or service.
  • Ask feedback to your customers. What do they want? What can you offer them?
  • Decide which products can be upsell goods. For example: outdoor cooker + charcoals. Communicate your upsell products in all your sales communication (website, emails, phone calls). Besides the external communication, it’s important that your organisation is informed. You may think now ‘that makes sense’, but it happens a lot that not all people are informed. Remember: employees are the best ambassadors.

Reading Tip: Download the free e-book: How to launch your merchandise shop for your company?

You’ll learn…

  • Why you should invest in merchandise
  • How to start a merchandise shop in 5 simple steps
  • What you need to do before, during and after the launch.

The strategy of the Big Green Egg fashion label

Big Green Egg made a huge step and focused on … fashion! Recently, the company Big Green Egg and Merchandise Essentials developed the Big Green Egg clothing line.

Big Green Egg creates the ultimate cooking experience. That’s why the upsell products are extremely popular, especially the clothing line. Potential customers and fans feel that there’s more than the product itself, it’s about the total experience. The company really wants fans to fall in love with the brand.

But how can a company start a clothing line?

Big Green Egg launched a memorable collection with a variety of products. Merchandise Essentials advised the company from the beginning. First, it’s important that you know what you want to achieve with your clothing line. Big Green Egg wanted to express their values through their clothing. Thereby, it’s important to set up an efficient strategy to promote the clothing.

Big Green Egg launched the collection on a big event, the Flavour Fair in Belgium. The merchandise shop was a total experience. The clothes were presented in a creative way, but there were also other awesome products like cooking books, olive oils, a cutting board, … Every member of the family was excited to discover the merchandise booth. It was a success, lots of people bought products to treat theirselves or decided to buy a gift for their friends and family.

Big Green Egg Community Merchandise
Big Green Egg Community Merchandise


  • Set up the strategy of your clothing collection. List your targets and make them SMART (specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time phased).
  • What are the most important values of your company? Make sure that you list your core values, because your clothing has to reflect those values.
  • Take into account all your effective communication channels: website, newsletter, social media, ambassadors, the press, …

Clothing collection Big Green Egg

You’ve set up your core values and you know how you will launch the collection. Now, the fun part starts: the creation of your clothing collection.

The core values of Big Green Egg are quality, originality, experience, creativity, minimalism and authenticity. The company found a partner, Merchandise Essentials, to create their clothing collection and to set up a strategy to achieve success with their fashion label. The graphic designers of Merchandise Essentials made the designs and reflected the core values of Big Green Egg. Thereby, it’s important to look at every detail. For example the custom label is essential for your branding.

Let’s have a look at the awesome designs of Big Green Egg.


The original

A clothing label always needs an original t-shirt. Big Green Egg is one of a kind, so the message of this T-shirt is loud and clear: Big Green Egg is the original outdoor cooker. The leather label is the ultimate finishing touch, and reflects the quality and authenticity.

The egg

This design is pure and minimalistic. If you compare it to the logo, there are less details. It’s more an arty design.

Big Green Egg Community Merchandise
Big Green Egg Community Merchandise

Big Green Egg Baby

Baby bibs, for the mini foodies & chefs in training!

Vintage design

This new vintage design reflects the authenticity of the brand. Simplicity, but powerful.

Big Green Egg Community Merchandise

More than merchandise…

This dad hat totally rocks with the remarkable green label. The woven socks were also a hit. Every year, Big Green Egg launches a new pair of socks for Father’s Day. Research has shown that launching products for special occasions are popular. That way, fathers can collect the Big Green Egg socks every year.
These examples of the Big Green Egg clothing collection demonstrates the creativity of the designs. All the designs reflect one of the core values of Big Green Egg: quality, originality, experience, creativity, minimalism and authenticity.



  • Choose a reliable partner to launch your clothing brand. Choose the best if you want success on the long term.
  • Translate your core values into your designs.
  • Always choose a basic design, for example the original Big Green Egg t-shirt. Your other designs can reflect other values.
  • Choose your products wisely, it’s more than clothing. Think about different products: headwear, baby bibs and socks. Also, keep in mind that every detail is important. Always choose for custom labeling if you want a strong branding.
  • Organise actions, launch products for special occasions. For example: a new design of the Big Green Egg socks on Father’s day. That way, it’s a collectors item.

Measurement brings knowledge

The perfect strategy is to set high goals, long-term possibilities and to take small steps in the short-term. That’s the Think big, act small strategy. Every step you take has to be measured. That’s the only way to know if you’re strategy has worked.

You can measure the success of your actions by analyzing the sales numbers. Besides that, analyze your social media results. Check if there’s an increase in likes & followers. Also, measure the top-of-mind awareness to know if you’re brand is in the minds of consumers. You can read this article to find out how you can measure your brand awareness.

Reading tip: How to measure Brand Awareness?

Start small, and discover which product is successful for your target group. You have to measure your actions to find out what works, and what doesn’t.


  • Note all your actions to promote your clothing brand, and find the measurement tool.
  • Check your social media results, and set your targets.
  • Find out what action was (un)successful.

Now, it’s your turn

The success of Big Green Egg is an efficient strategy with line extensions. Don’t make the mistake and decide to promote t-shirts that nobody wants to wear. Choose for fashion with memorable designs. A clothing collection is more than clothes, it strengthens the community experience. The biggest goal of a community is: empower people to wear your message. Think and act like Big Green Egg, but always be different with your own core values.

Take your community to the next level

Reading this case study is only the beginning. Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team. We want you to grow by empowering your people to wear your message.

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