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What is a vector file?

In the graphic world, vector files are indispensable. If you want to use your file for printing on textile, it’s necessarily to have your file in vector. But what is a vector file? And how do you transform your file into vector? No worries, we will help you.

Look at this movie below to see the difference when you zoom in on a vector- and pixel file.

A vector file. What’s in a name?

A vector file is built out of vectors, which are geometrical shapes like points, lines and curves. A vector file is also called an AI or EPS file, recognisable by the extensions .AI/.EPS. A vector is not built out of pixels.

You can enlarge and reduce a vector file without compromising the quality. That’s why it’s very common in the graphic world. A digital file must have good quality to obtain a qualitative result when you print or embroider it on clothing. That’s why we always ask to deliver files in vector or 300 DPI.

The difference between vector and pixel

You can see the difference between vector and pixel in the movie above. If you zoom into an image in pixels (dpi), you can notice the pixels. If you zoom into a vector file, the design stays the same, and it does not become flue. Tip: a file in pixels (dpi) is also a good quality, if there are at least 300 dots per inches (dpi).

When do you choose a vector, and when dpi?

A design with a lot of colors or gradients is most of the times in dpi. This is for example the case with a photo. We prefer a minimum of 300 dpi to have a good quality. Other designs can be used as a vector file.

Tip: Check the Design service if you are looking for an own design.

How to create a vector file?

Save your JPG file as an EPS file? Don’t do that! Yet, it is not as difficult as it seems to create an EPS file. You can use several programs to convert your image to an EPS file, for example Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Freehand QuarkXPress or CoreIDRAW.

There are also programs that convert your image with the push of the button. Vector Magic or are simple and free solutions. But these programs don’t guarantee a qualitative result, that’s why we advise against it.

The easiest solution is to outsource this whole process to a professional. That way a qualitative result is definitely guaranteed. Did you work with a professional agency to design your logo and/or other designs? Ask them for the vector files of your designs. We also offer this service, so don’t hesitate to contact us. That way you have your vector file in no time!

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