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What’s the difference between a snapback and a dad hat?

Snapback vs Dad hat: the differences in style and shape

The snapback is a 6-panel cap with a wide flat brim. Snapbacks are fitted with an adjustable snap on the back of the hat, which makes it ‘one size fits all’. The cap is an icon, created for youngsters with style. You can recognize the real snapbacks by the sticker on the peak. A lot of fashion brands create their own sticker.

The dad hat is a 5-panel cap with a loose fitting. This cap is similar to the baseball cap, except that this cap has 5 panels. Also the closure is different: a dad hat has a metal closure, while there is a velcro closure for the baseball cap.

7 Differences between the Snapback and Dad hat

These are the most common differences between the dad hat and the snapback.


Difference #1: the angle

If you look at these pictures above, you can see that the shape is different. A snapback has almost an angle of 90° between the cap and the brim of the snapback. Like that, the front panel of the snapback is very visible. Compared to the dad hat, there is more an obtuse angle. The cap itself doesn’t look so ‘big’ like the snapback.

Difference #2: the brim

The brim of the snapback is flat, while a dad hat has a round, pre-shaped brim.

Difference #3: the panel

The front panel of the snapback is pre-shaped and hard. A design on a snapback is thereby very visible. The panel of the dad hat is soft and not pre-shaped.

Difference #4: the closure

The closure of a snapback is made from plastic while the dad hat has a metallic closure. Both have an adjustable closure, which makes the caps ‘one size fits all’.

Difference #5: the sticker

The sticker on the snapback is a must. The official Merchandise Essentials sticker indicates the authenticity of the snapback. We also have stickers on the dad hat, but it’s not the essence of the cap.

Difference #6: wearability

Dad hats are vintage caps, like the word says: dads use to wear it. The dad hat is a never-ending trend and fits everyone. Snapbacks are more known in the baseball scene, adopted by the hiphop scene, and later by the EDM scene. If you wear a snapback, your cap and the print must be extremely visible.

Difference #7: design

Snapbacks typically have a big, ‘in your face’ design. A dad hat is more subtle, and mostly has a detailed embroidery design. Two completely different styles!

What’s your favorite?

What’s your style: the legendary snapback or the authentic dad hat? Tell us, we are curious!

Want to make your own custom snapbacks or dad hats? We’ll help you out!

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