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Christmas Sweaters.

Ranging from €19.99 to €33.99

  • Premium quality product & service
  • Cut, sewn and assembled in Europe
  • Start easily from only 50 christmas sweaters

Don’t join the 27%.

Fancy some refreshment? We’re happy to provide you with our “icy Christmas sweater,” a fresh design featuring ice cream and a nod to cooler times!

Did you know that a whopping 27% of Christmas orders last year were placed after the deadline? With this sweater we want to remind you to order your winter items in time if you want to receive them before Christmas.

We take care of all logistics.

Want to surprise your employees with a personalized Christmas sweater at home? No problem! Using our Merchbot system, each item can be easily sent to individual addresses. No more hassle with stocking, making packages and shipping.

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Custom packaging.

A cool product deserves awesome packaging! Complete the Merchandise Experience with our customized packaging.

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