The necessary information for a smooth ordering process

We need as much as possibly specific information to rapidly create an offer and digital example. On this page you can find an overview of the information we need to create an offer for you. This way we can help you as fast as possible.

5 steps for a clear request

  • Product

    Which product? Ex. sweater, t-shirt, snapback, trucker cap, tote bag,...

  • Model

    What model? Ex. T-shirt: Cash, McCartney, Mercury,...

  • Color

    What color do you prefer? Ex: black, heather grey, red,...

  • Amount

    How many pieces? Ex. 50 t-shirts

  • Design

    Do you have a design? Design, position & decoration method

What product?

Naturally it’s important to know which product(s) from our catalog u are interested in. That we can send you the relevant information and prices.

Example: Sweater of T-Shirt

What model?

Our products often have different models. For example there are different models of shirts & sweaters. Because every model has it’s own specifications and price, it is very important that you add the model to your request.

Example: Sweater/Dean or T-shirt/Cash

What color?

The color plays a major role in drafting the correct offer. Different colors (plain, heather, special heather) influence the price. So to draft the most accurate offer, we need the color of the item.

Example: Sweater/Dean/Red of T-shirt/Cash/Heather Grey

What amount?

Our prices strongly depend on the amount you would like to order. A close estimate makes sure we can give you the right quotation and give you the best price for your amount. If you already have sizes, this certainly helps.


Sweater/Dean/Red/25 pieces

T-shirt/Cash/Heather Grey/20 Small, 50 Medium, 100 Large, 20 X-Large

Do you have a design?

We can’t really make a quotation without a design, because this determins the necessary decoration techniques. What do we need to create a correct quotation and digital presentation:

  • Design file (preferably in vector)
  • Preferred decoration method: Print, embroidery, 3D-embroidery, …
  • Position of the decorations (front, chest logo, back, sleeve,…)
  • Color of the decoration


I want my logo printed big on the back.

Mijn ontwerp in 3D-borduring op de voorkant van de snapback

Extra useful information

The information below is certainly valuable to create a quotation.

  • Invoice information: to create the exact shipping cost and tax, your invoice information is necessary.
  • Deadline: we stride to keep your deadlines and the earlier we know your deadline, the better we can anticipate. Our regular production period is 15 working days.
  • Extra’s: would you like to have labels or separate packaging? Let us know so we can take this into account.

Examples of ideal order requests:

Dear Merchandise Essentials,

I would like to order 50 navy snapbacks with my logo (see attachment) embroidered in white on the front. I need these in 4 weeks. I don’t have a VAT number.

My delivery adress is:
John Doe
Valseweg 99
8800 Roeselare

Kind regards,

John Doe

Hi Merchandise Essentials,

I would like to order 50 Heather Grey Dean Sweaters. I want my design (see attachment ) printed big on the back and small on the front.

Logo back : white
Logo front: red

The sizes arent’t fixed yet, but it will look like this:
20 S, 10 M, 10 L, 5 XL & 5 XXL

My invoice information is:
NL05 1234 5678
Full Power Agency
dijkkaai 44
2012ES Haarlem

The sweaters can be delivered on this address.

Kind regards,
Jane Doe

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